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  • Exotic Aquariums - AC 3D Filter Media
    High performance bio filter media with vast surface area and open porosity.

    Made from an ultra high surface area inert ceramic. Specifically designed to house beneficial bacteria that will eliminate ammonia and nitrate in aquariums and ponds.
  • Exotic Aquariums - AC Acid Drop Buffer (3L)
    AC Acid Drop Buffer is a special activated calcium magnesium granular which adjust PH to the neutral range (7.0 - 7.2) from acid range (4.0 - 4.5). It could adjust the PH levels within 12 hours from acid water to be neutral. It helps to always maintain neutral range. It's optimal and safe for all freshwater fish.

    It's free from harmful substances and will not release any harmful substances to your aquarium. It has a greater ability to maintain neutral POH levels. Also it could provide colonization conditions for bacterial cultures.
  • Exotic Aquariums - AC Ammonia Removal Medium Pro (3L)
    Essential for a new aquarium. Rapidly remove 90% ammonia content within 5 hours. Prevent the comprehension problems of new aquarium. Prevent to destroy the nitrification system. After washing or changing filter cotton or filter media, the nitrifying bacteria which adhere to filter cotton or filter media will be reduced in bulk. It will effectively prevent to destroy the nitrication system caused by improper way of washing or changing filter material.
  • Exotic Aquariums - AC Bio Filter Medium
    High performance bio filter media, For ammonia, nitrite and nitrate removal.

    This AC Bio Filter Medium has innovative patent hollow design that provide deep anaerobic zones for denitrification. It reduces nitrite more efficiently without harming the environment.
  • Exotic Aquariums - AC Blue Filter Matt
    Koi or garden pond filter mat. Knit with natural eco-friendly material. Easy water flow throughout this filter mat. Easy adhesion of nitrifying bacteria.

    High resistance against plugging by sludge build up
  • Exotic Aquariums - AC Filter Combination of Cotton A
    Mechanical filter media trap that helps suspend matter and dirt particles.

  • Exotic Aquariums - AC Filter Combination of Cotton B
    Mechanical filter media trap that helps suspend matter and dirt particles.

  • Exotic Aquariums - AC Honeycomb Filter Cotton
    The Honeycomb Filter Cotton is a new type bee-hole filter that is made of bionics material which has superior water permeability.
  • Exotic Aquariums - AC Organic Remover (500ml)
    The AC Organic Remover is a macro-porous alkalescence synthetic polymer that could absorb larger size soluble and insoluble impurities, hence helping to make the water clear. It also has a high capacity of organic filtration and antioxidant.

    This organic remover controls ammonia, nitrites and also reduces nitrates by removing nitrogenous waste that would otherwise release the harmful compounds.
  • Exotic Aquariums - AC Phosphate Remover (500ml)
    AquaClean phosphate remover is a special iron synthetic granular which binds the phosphate and silicates from water at a rate and capacity that exceeds all other competing products byu over 50%.

    It has high porosity, high surface area and high binding capacity. It will rapidly remove phosphates and silicates from both freshwater and saltwater and will not release them back into your aquarium. It exhibits stronger binding than most competing products and consequently can reduce phosphates and silicates to very low levels.
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