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Eye & Ear care


Find the best dog eye and ear care solutions at Dubai Petfood. It is safe, healthy and it give your dog the care it needs. Find different eye and ear care products from NutriVet, Trixie, Beaphar, Gold Medal, Kyron, Mikki, Malacetic, Petkin and Vets+best!
  • <B>Beaphar - Ear Cleaner</B> (50ml)
    Keep your pets ears clean from dust and earwax, to prevent developing an ear infection.
  • <B>MicrocynAH Ear Rinse</B> (120ml)
    MicrocynAH Ear Rinse, is specially formulated for flushing and cleaning irritations and wounds to the outer ear and ear canal of all animals.Use to clean and relieve ears affected by burning, stinging, itching, pollutants and contaminants. Safe for use on all animal species.
  • <B>MicrocynAH Opthalmic Eye Gel</B> (90ml)
    MicrocynAH Opthalmic Eye Gel,use to clean and relieve eyes affected by burning, stinging, itching, pollutants, contaminants and irritations in all animals
  • <B>Beaphar - Tear Stain Remover</B> (50ml)
    Helps remove unsightly stains around the eyes. Regular use can prevent discolouration.

    For dogs and cats.
  • <B>Petkin - Jumbo Ear Wipes</B> (80pcs)
    Veterinarian approved Ear Wipes provide the most convenient way to keep your pet’s ears clean and healthy. The gentle formula on these specialized pet wipes removes dirt, wax and discharge found around the ears to help prevent odor, itching and irritation that can cause infection.

    Size: 18 x 12.5 cm
  • <B>Trixie - Ear Care Wipes</B> (30pcs)
    The most convenient way to keep your pet’s ears clean and healthy.
  • <B>Dog Generation - Ear care Lotion</B> (100ml)
    This product of Dog Generation is an anti-inflammatory ear cleaner for dogs and cats. It is very rich in vitamins A and E. It also contains sweet almond oil that nourishes and hydrates while gently cleaning your pets sensitive areas. The anti-inflammatory properties also help fight against many skin problems. This Ear care lotion is very gentle on your pet's ears and it does not contain perfume.
  • Bioline TearStain Remover (50ml)
    Gently removes stains caused by watery eyes
  • Tropiclean - SPA Tear Stain Remover (236ml)
    This mild, concentrated formula has natural exfoliating activity and gently hydrates. The refreshing blend of vanilla and blueberry effectively removes dirt and tear stains, and will not irritate eyes also the lightly foaming facial cleanser soothes and balances the skin. SPA Facial Cleanser is great for all skin types and pets of all ages.
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