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F10 - Germicidal Barrier Ointment (100g)

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Product no.: 110-007-001
Multi-purpose broad spectrum preparation effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores. Suitable for all animals.

The F10 actives are presented in an easily applied preparation containing lanoline and glycerine emollients which help maintain and restore skin viability and help the ointment adhere to the skin surface to form an effective antimicrobial barrier.

This ointment is ideal as a topical application to treat and help prevent re-infection in a number of clinical situations either alone or in conjunction with associated therapies. The F10 Germicidal Barrier Ointment has been shown to maintain 100% residual action after 5 days.
When to use:
Superficial skin lesions, burns and open or contaminated wounds: Where appropriate first clean and flush the lesion. Germicidal Barrier Ointment can now be directly applied. The Barrier Ointment is effective in both superficial lesions and deep penetrating wounds. Defects can be packed with the Ointment or applied to wounds that are then covered by dressings.

Product features:
- Proven efficacy based on F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant
- Proven safety with humans and animals (even cats)
- APVMA registered as a veterinary medicine
- Contains glycerin and lanolin and offers high levels of safe and effective skincare.
- Broad indication covers a wide range of conditions
- Effective alternative to antibiotic topical treatment
- Ointment formulation is effective for longer than antiseptic sprays that dry quickly
- Ointment formulation adheres to wound site better than creams, and application is not as messy

710 - Germicidal Barrier Ointment
Packing skin and scale defects: Defects in the body integument can be packed with Germicidal Barrier Ointment. The protective and antimicrobial actions assist in the regeneration of normal functional tissue and assist in preventing reinfection.

Please consult your veterinarian if you are unsure on treatment for your pets problems.

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