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Fat Cat

Fat cat toys are making the wildest dreams of pets around the world come true. Fat Cat is an equal opportunity provider of funky cat and dog toys. They take diversity to heart at Fat Cat whick means that their products are designed to excite, activate and entertain both whickered and non-wiskered individuals from all spectrums of pet worlds!
  • <B>Fat Cat - Classic Crackler</B> (Tortoise)
    It crunches, is just the right size and smells irresistible to discriminating kitty nostrils. The secret? The Zoom Around the Room® high-test organic catnip!

    Hunt on, oh mighty hunter...

    Comes as Salamander, Chipmunk or Turtle.
    20.00 AED
  • <B>Fat Cat - Fluff Bunnies</B> (Pink)
    No fluff-lovin’ kitty can resist these soft little fluffy bunnies! Contains the Zoom Around the Room® high-test organic catnip!

    Color may vary from shown!
    20.00 AED
  • <B>Fat Cat - Kitty Kahuna Zoom Surfers</B> (1pc)
    Ideal for kitties that like to bring around the pray - bunny ears are much easier to hold for small kitties.

    Ideal to refill with the Fat Cat - ZoomStuffers Catnip Pods Zoom Around the Room® high-test organic catnip!

    Color may vary from shown!
    28.00 AED
  • <B>Fat Cat - ShowGulls</B> (1pc)
    Feathery fun for all kitties. Fabulous Las Vegas Showgulls Catnip toys have all the glitz and glamour your cat will ever need!
    25.00 AED
  • <B>Fat Cat - Springy Worms</B> (2pcs)
    Springy technology for cat psychology ('cause kitties love bouncy stuff, you know). Kitties go all a-twitter for the irresistible bounce of springy worms. They're built to bounce, baby. Plus they've thrown in a bit of that wonderful high-test Zoom Around the Room catnip to get things hoppin'.

    Assorted styles and/or colors, please allow us to choose for you. Colors and/or styles may vary from the items shown in the photos.
    20.00 AED
  • <B>Fat Cat - TailChaser</B> (1pc)
    TOSS IT... across the room - watch your kitty become airborne in lickety split time! GRAB IT...and try dangling it in your cat's general direction (totally irresistible)
    20.00 AED
  • <B>Fat Cat - Catfisher Doorknob Hanger</B>
    One-of-a-kind doorknob-hanger cat toy entices cats to play for hours. Cute, interactive "lures" to keep cats engaged!
    75.00 AED
  • <B>Fat Cat - EEEKS Color</B> (1pc)
    Better than Real Mice!! No need to jump on a table to exclaim EEEK!! 'cause good news Nelly...It's a fake, it's a fake. Teensy rattle inside that kitties can’t resist

    Contains the Zoom Around the Room® high-test organic catnip!
    20.00 AED
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