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Your filtration system is the guts of your aquarium! Filters trap solid wastes from your tank and convert liquid wastes from your tank and convert liquid wastes to a relatively harmless form. How you treat and monitor you aquarium water is vital for the health of your fish!
  • <B>ATM - Supernova Carbon Marine</B> (8oz)
    Carbon is one of the most popular and effective filter medias in the aquarium hobby, prized for its exceptional ability to remove odors, discoloration, and organic pollutants. ATM - Supernova Carbon Marine is an all-natural activated carbon that has been bio-enhanced with the power of ATMs Outbreak maintenance enzymes.These bacteria work to keep the carbon free of sludge, ensuring a more quality removal of toxins, tannins, waste buildup, chlorine, chloramines, and antibiotics.
  • <B>N.T. Labs - Aquarium Activated Carbon</B> (120g)
    N.T. Labs - Aquarium Activated Carbon is the highest grade, pelleted activated carbon available ensuring the absorption of colour taint often caused by the tannins in bogwood, toxins and heavy metals found in some water sources and helps to reduce that "river" type smell that can build up in a mature aquarium. As well as leaving your water crystal clear the other useful element to this product is that it will quickly remove any residue after a course of medication or an accidental overdose!

    A suitably sized filter media bag is included for ease of use. Simply add the required amount of media to the filter bag, rinse under the tap and add to your filter.

  • <B>Seachem - de Nitrate</B>
    Economical, natural, porous material with a pore distribution and geometry that promotes both aerobic nitrification within the first few millimeters of depth and anaerobic denitrification at the core.

    Comes in:
    100ml - AED 18
    500ml - AED 39
  • <B>Seachem - Matrix</B> (1L)
    Highly porous media designed to provide efficient biofiltration and remove ammonia, nitrite & nitrate from feshwater, marine & reef aquaria
  • <B>Seachem - SeaGel</B> (1L)
    SeaGel is a blend of MatrixCarbon and PhosGuard.

    MatrixCarbon is an ultracapacity carbon for the removal of organic and color impurities.

    PhosGuard is a powerful remover of phosphate, silicate, toxic metals, and acids.

    Both components are bead shaped for optimum water flow characteristics and penetration
  • <B>Seachem PhosNet</B> (125g)
    PhosNet is a granular ferric oxide (GFO) with high porosity, high surface area and high binding capacity.
  • <B>Seachem PhosNet</B> (250g)
    PhosNet is a granular ferric oxide (GFO) with high porosity, high surface area and high binding capacity.
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