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Flea Killer


A scratching kitty is not one you want to pick up, you do not want her fleas jumping onto you! You can ease your cat's itch and increase your cudding time with you kitty by knowing how to spot and destroy fleas on your cat and in your house! Find flea killers at Dubai petfood.
  • <B>Frontline Combo - For cats</B> (3pc)
    Longest-lasting spot on flea and tick treatment available without prescription. For cats weighing above 1kg and more that 8 weeks of age.

  • <B>Kyron - Ultrum Powder</B> (100g)
    Shaker of insecticidal talc based powder - for use as part of a flea control program and safe enough to be used on puppies, kittens, rabbits and birds.

    Also effective against red mites, harvest mites and feather mites.

    Keep away from children - Propoxur is highly toxic

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