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Footwear for Dogs


Good footwear is the only durable and safe protection you can offer your dog's paws in the Dubai heat, if you need to walk the dog outside. Please remember at the pavement will also be hot after sunset because tiles and asphalt can store the heat from the sun for hours after sunset. We stock a small range of boots from known quality brands like Ruffwear, Kruuse and Mikki Pet Products.
  • <B>Trixie - Dog Sock with Rubber Coating</B> (Set of 2)
    Front area with all-round robust anti-slip rubber coating for secure hold even if the socks should slip. Ideal for senior dogs or protection of wooden floors.

    XS–S : Fits breeds like Chihuahua
    S-M: Fits breeds like Border Collie
    M–L : Fits breeds like Golden Retriever
    L-XL : Fits breeds like German Shepherd

  • <B>Trixie - Grey Dog Socks</B> (Set of 2)
    Slip-proof socks for indoor use. Ideal to protect wooden floors from claws or pets from slippery floors.

    Available in 4 sizes
  • <B>Trixie - Walker Active Protective Boots</B> (2pcs)
    Protective boots are the great if your dog has a healing wound to speed up recovery and reduce infection or to protect from hot, cold or slippery surfaces and to prevent injury to delicate paws.

    Available in 8 sizes and prices ranging from 90AED to 100AED

    Size Guide:
    XS - Fits Dogs Size Yorkshire Terrier/Pomeranian
    XS–S - Fits Dogs Size West Highland Terrier
    S–M - Fits Dogs Size Jack Russell Terrier
    Medium - Fits Dogs Size Border Collie
    M–Large - Fits Dogs Size Dalmatian
    Large - Fits Dogs Size Labrador Retriever
    L–XL - Fits Dogs Size Golden Retriever
    XL - Fits Dogs Size German Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog
  • <B>Trixie - Walker Care Comfort Protective Boots</B> (2pcs)
    Trixie walker care protective boots is made of hard-wearing neoprene, with artificial leather back and sole. Supports rapid healing of paw injury. Reduces the risk of infection with velcro. Contents 2 pieces of boots.

    Color: Black colour

    Available in 7 sizes from AED 45 to AED 85
  • <B>Trixie - Walker Care Protective Boots</B> (2 pcs)
    One pair of dog boots in each pack - perfect for rapid healing of paw injuries and protecting your dog's paws against ice, salt, grit or hot sand and tarmac.

    Available in:
    - Small - fits West Highland Terrier
    - Medium - fits Border Collie
    - Large - fits Golden Retriever
    - XLarge - fits German Shepherd
    - XXLarge - fits Rottweiler
    - XXXLarge - fits Newfoundland Dog
  • <B>Mikki - Dog Boot</B> (1pc)
    The Mikki Dog Boot helps keep dressing clean & dry and prevent infection. It is easy fit with elasticized support straps & Velcro fastening. The reinforced non-slip sole for extra grip. The dog boot sizes allow for a dressing to be worn.

    7 sizes:

    Prices from: 55AED to 60AED
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