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Fresh water

  • <B>JBL Artemia brine shrimp 18g</B>
    Freshly hatched Artemia nauplii (brine shrimp) are an indispensible live food to help you successfully rear young fish with minimum losses.
  • <B>JBL Artemia salt 230g</B> (Brine shrimp)
    JBL ArtemioMix is a ready-to-use mixture for the production of live food (brine shrimps) professionally, simply and as required for rearing young fish.
  • <B>JBL GoldPearls Click</B> (250ml)

    Premium Goldfish Pearls

    Designed Specifically for Fantails and Other Cultivated Goldfish
  • <B>JBL NovoPleco Chips</B> (100ml)
    Sinking Pellets for Plecostomus Catfish
  • <B>JBL NovoPrawn</B> (100ml)
    Shrimp Pellets for Small and Decorative Shrimp
  • <B>JBL NovoBel</B> (250ml)
  • Staple flake food for tropical fishes 3 to 20 cm length.

  • Balanced fish food made with 50 ingredients
  • AED27.50
  • <B>JBL NovoGrano Mix - 250ml</B>
  • Granulated food for freshwater aquarium fishes

  • Highly digestible food
  • AED47.25
  • <B>JBL - Week-end fish food</B> (20g)
    Week-end fish food
  • <B>JBL Holiday fish food </B> (33g)
    Holiday fish food
  • <B>JBL Holiday Red</B> (17g)
    Holiday fish food for Goldfish
  • <B>JBL NovoColor</B> (250ml)
  • Flake food for aquarium fish of 3 to 20 cm length.

  • contains high caroten content to enhance fish colors
  • AED34.75
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