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  • Friskies - Junior Dog Dry Food (3kg)
    Developed especially for puppies. Growing and full of life, puppies require up to 40% more energy than adult dogs. Friskies Junior, formulated to ensure optimal growth for dogs, is a complete and balanced meal, rich in protein and adequate levels of calcium and vitamins.
  • Friskies - Seafood Sensations Cat Dry Food
    The Purina Friskies Seafood Sensations Cat Dry Food has vitamin A, B-12, D-3, and E supplement. It has a perfect mixture of ocean fish, salmon, tuna, shrimp and crab flavors, with a touch of seaweed that constitutes as a wholesome meal for your pet.
  • Friskies - Balance Dog Chicken and Veg Dry Food
    PURINA® Friskies® Balance is a source of high-quality protein and all other nutrients your dog needs for a healthy and happy life.

    It's a tasty food with chicken and vegetables, combined with whole grains, B vitamins and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
  • Friskies - Surfin & Turfin Cat Dry Food
    It’s the best of land and sea together with the flavors of chicken, ocean whitefish, salmon & filet mignon.
  • Friskies - Active Dog Beef Dry Food
    The Purina Friskies Active Dog Food with Beef is healthy sustenance for your 4-legged companions. Purina Friskies Vitafit dynamic is a delicious formula with beef, joined with whole grains, B-nutrients and Omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fats. Friskies dynamic is custom-made for canines, which are loaded with vitality and the consistent need to play. It recommends firm stools on account of its solid absorption properties. It offers your pooch to get a gleaming coat and sound skin. It also supports shining eyes, an indication of sharpness. The dynamic pooch sustenance additionally helps to bolster healthy teeth and gums and keeps-up a high vitality level.
  • Friskies - Indoor Delights Cat Dry Food
    Formulated to promote healthy weight and help control hairballs, with flavors of chicken, salmon, cheese & garden greens.
  • Friskies - Junior Cat Chicken and Veg Dry Food
    Formulated for cats up to the age of 1 year, this dry food is packed with all the nutrients your little explorer needs to grow big and strong.
  • Friskies - Mini Menu Chicken Veg Dog Dry Food (2kg)
    The Purina Friskies Junior Dog Food is complemented with chicken and vegetables to ensure the proper nourishment to your little dog, who wants to play all the time. The wholesome food tastes great with a combination of whole grain, vitamins and omega 3. This makes it not only the appealing but a reliable source of essential nutrients which are utmost necessary in the growing phase. Whilst the nutritious intake makes them more active and strong to play along with you without a feeling of tiredness and weakness. It is available in a pack of 2kg.
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