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Furry Overload Promo

Furry Overload Promo
  • Green&Wilds - Bag of Tiddlers For Cats (40g)
    100% Natural Small fish. These little tiddlers are air dried to hold all that fishy goodness.

    Packed with proteins, oils and vitamins to build and maintain health and to keep teeth strong. Stimulates growth of bone structure and helps provide a beautiful shiny coat as they are rich in Omega 3 and 6. Heart and blood vessels also benefit from the polyunsaturated fatty acids.

    This is a complementary treat as part of a healthy balanced diet. Limit to 10 treats a day. Suitable for cats from 3 months.

    All our fish are ethically and sustainably sourced.
  • <B>EBI - Noir Soft Pin Brush w/Soft Caps</B>
    Offering circulation enhancing and skin massage. Gentle grooming pinbrush with stainless steel pins and pvc protection caps for a gentle coat care. Ideal for basic care of all types of fur and all breeds.
  • <B>Natures Menu - Adult Cat Chicken & Turkey</B> (100g)
    Chicken/ turkey diet for household tigers! Complete premium diet for all adult cats made of 43% Chicken and 28% Turkey, steam cooked to preserve all the goodness and keep it close to raw diet. No meat derivatives, no sugars and definitely no cereals!
  • <B>Trixie - Beige/Brown Minou Cuddly Cave</B> (50cm)
    Soft plush pet bed for cats and toybreeds.
  • <B>Trixie - Double Plastic Cat Bowl</B> (2x200ml)
    Keep you pets fed and watered with handy double bowl
  • <B>Trixie - Catch the Light LED Pointer</B>
    Let your cat dance around the house after this LED pointer. Lifetime of approx. 100 hours - enough to make most cats tired.
  • <B>Danish Design - Fluffies Bed</B> (Purple)
    Pamper your cat with this Danish Design Fluffies Cushion Bed that is made from faux fur. It is a lovely, warm, soft and snuggly bed for your feline friend and ideal for snoozing in on cold winter days and nights. Your cat will just love it.

    Filled with deep, extra soft, thermal polyester fibre, this cushion bed is purrfect for cat naps. You will love it too as it is fully washable. Go on spoil your furry friend with this great bed at an equally great price.

    All fibres and foam in this bed comply with Furniture and Furnishings Fire and Safety 1988 regulations.

    Color: Purple

  • <B>Lily's Kitchen - Catch of the Day for Cats</B> (85g)
    This Lily's kitchen catch of the day cat food contains 65% fresh salmon, prawns, chicken and pork, this combination will surely have your cat licking their chops every time you open the tray. It's also free of grains and is full of vital nutrients like taurine that will keep your cat healthy, the good taste will also keep your cat happy.
  • <B>Lily's Kitchen - Chicken Dinner for Curious Kittens</B> (85g)
    This Curious Kitten cat food is a nutritionally complete and balanced recipe that contains omega 3 & 6, as well as chelated minerals for a perfect start of every kitten. It's completely grain free with 65% meaty greatness to keep your kitten interested.
  • Trixie - Cat Head Melamine Bowl White (250ml)
    A shallow, melamine bowl for your little furry friend in the shape of a cat head.
  • Trixie - Hanging Scratching Board (50x70cm)
    Scratching is a cats natural thing, it helps them replenish their claws & prevent related problems. This Trixie Hanging Scratching Board is the best solution when there is not enough free space for a cat scratcher. You can simply hang the board on your wall or even lay it flat on the ground. It will keep your cats busy and entertained and at the same time away from scratching your furniture.
  • Trixie - Junior Scratching Paw w/ Post (40×50×38cm)
    Measurements: 40 × 50 × 38 cm
    Floor area: 40 × 38 cm
    Post: ø 6.5 cm
    Height: 50 cm
    Colour:Light Lilac/Natural
  • Trixie - PREMIO Stick Quintett - Lamb/Turkey (5×5g)
    5 Pcs delicious sticks treats for cats.

    Product Features:
    - with taurine
    - meat content 95 %
    - no added sugar
    - lamb and turkey
  • <B>Trixie - Fish Print Embossed Stainless Steel Bowl</B> (15cm)
    A popular quality stainless steel bowl embossed with fish shape. This is easy to clean and will withstand any number of drops onto hard floors.

    Volume: 200ml
    Base Diameter: 15 cm

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