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General Health


Here you can find products as palatable calcium supplement, vitamin tablets, energy replacements and thermometer. 
  • <B>Advocate Dog - For dog between 10-25kg</B> (3pipettes)
    For the control and treatment of fleas, lice, mites, intestinal parasites as well as heart-, lung- and skinworms.

    Advocate® combines the power of the two active ingredients imidacloprid and moxidectin, both well established antiparasiticides with proven efficacy.

    Advocate®can be used on dogs from 7 weeks of age and over 1kg in weight
  • <B>Kyron - Cani-Cal</B> (250g)
    A palatable calcium supplement for pregnant or lactating bitches and as supplement for puppies to ensure normal growth and bone development.

    Flavoured with real liver for palatability.

  • <B>Kyron Cani-Vit</B> (250g)
    CANI-VIT is a complete and comprehensive supplement formulated for dogs.
    Flavoured with real liver for habitability.

    Give daily, mixed in or sprinkled over food
  • <B>Trixie - Omega Oil</B> (250ml)
    Trixie - Omega Oil is made of a balanced blend of high quality oils. It is rich in essential, easy and polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 and 6). Supports the establishment of a beautiful coat and prevents hair loss. Trixie - Omega Oil contributes to regeneration in dry skin and can thus prevent the resulting itching and cracking of the skin. The essential fatty acids also support the health of the cardiovascular system.
  • <B>Trixie - Salmon Oil</B> (250ml)
    Trixie - Salmon Oil is a completely natural product purely made of 100 % salmon oil, rich in essential, poly- and monounsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6)that supports metabolism as well as growth and enhances the coat composition.
  • <B>Beaphar Top 10 - Multi Vitamin for Dogs</B> (180 tabl.)
    Contains essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements which promote vitality and strengthen your dog's physical condition.
  • <B>Kyron - Darrows Solution</B> (250ml)
    Suitable for Birds, Cats, Dogs, Hamster, Horses and Reptiles.
  • <B>Mikki - Pill Gun For Dogs & Cats</B>
    The Mikki Pill Gun makes giving your pet medicine super quick and super easy! Better for everyone involved!
  • <B>Prazivet Plus - Dog</B> (20 tablets)
    For the control of tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms & whip worms in dogs and puppies. Used for deworming dogs over 3 weeks old who weigh at least 500 g (1lb)
  • <B>Zoovet Tetra Vermex Dewormer (Up to 10kg)</B> (1tabs)
    Internal antiparasitics indicated for dogs and cats in the treatment of parasitosis caused by gastrointestinal nematodes (intestinal worms) and heart worms.

    Available in two formats:
    - Small tablets (Treats up to 5kg pr. tablet)
    - Large Tablets (treats up to 10kg pr. tablet)
  • <B>Zoovet Trivermex Suspension</B> (15ml)
    Internal antiparasitics indicated for dogs and cats in the treatment of parasitosis caused by gastrointestinal nematodes (intestinal worms) and heart worms.
  • SALE <B>Veterinary Advice for Dog Owners</B>
    This book Veterinary Advice For Dog Owners is a comprehensive guide to canine health and illness, Written by well - respected canine veterinary specialist Dick Lane BSc, FRAgS, FRCVS, Veterinary Advice for Dog Owners is a book no dog lover can afford to be without.
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  • <B>NutriVet Nasty Habit for Dogs</B> (60tablets)
    Assist in stoping your puppy or dog from consuming its own feces.
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