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  • <B>Horze Allround Girth, Smooth style</B>
    The smooth style of this contoured girth is attractive as well as comfortable for your horse.

    Contoured, ergonomically-shaped design allows this girth to release pressure and allow maximum movement. The soft neoprene is easy to clean and the double stainless steel roller buckles on each end make for easy adjustments.
  • <B>Horze Grenville Dressage Girth</B> (Black)
    With detachable neoprene liner. Easy to wash and interchange with other liners.

    Available in 40-70cm.
  • <B>Horze Harleigh Dressage Girth with Lambskin</B>
    Match this luxurious dressage girth with items from the Horze Harleigh line.
  • <B>Horze Marbel Leather Dressage Girth</B>
    Luxurious leather dressage girth has a simple, contoured shape for the ultimate fit.

    Elastic at both ends of this handsome, high-quality leather dressage girth, provides even distribution of pressure adding comfort for the horse. Stainless steel roller buckles with extended padding behind the buckles help shield the horse from billet rubs. The extra padding, contoured design and rolled edges come together for an impressive girth that prevents irritation and supplies extraordinary comfort.
  • <B>Horze Nylon girth with oneside elastic</B>
    A non-chafing nylon girth made for the comfort of your horse. Nylon cushion web prevents chaffing or rubbing.
    Reinforced elastic at one end with stainless steel roller buckles add durability to this all purpose girth.

    Available in: 90cm - 120cm (Large available in request)
  • <B>Horze Supreme Dallas All Purpose Girth </B>
    Solid web construction and durable binding make this all purpose girth a great choice for the active rider. The elastic side and stainless steel roller buckles and D-ring in the center make it easy to adjust and customize for your horse’s needs. The girth cleans easily and will look sharp after use and washing.
  • <B>Horze Supreme Dallas Dressage Girth</B>
    The ergonomically-shaped design of this soft, webbed dressage girth offers ultimate comfort and durability. The elastic side, stainless steel roller buckles and center D-ring provide convenience and quality. The fabric is easy to clean and will maintain its great looks with minimal care.
    Soft, ergonomically-shaped fabric girth |Stainless steel roller buckles on elastic end. Center D-ring for attaching reins and accessories.
  • <B>Horze Campton Dressage Girth</B>
    A non-slip cotton lining makes this flexible dressage girth ideal for horses with sensitive skin. Heavy stainless steel hardware and strong nylon webbing attach roller buckles that are easy to tighten. The cushion design provides complete comfort to the horse and protection from chafing. This durable dressage girth is a smart choice for long-lasting use and hassle-free performance.

    Comes in size: 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75cm
  • <B>Horze Chaumont All Round Girth</B>
    This girth is made of a premium quality leather. It ensures long-lasting use and hassle-free performance.
    The ergonomic design ensures complete comfort to the horse and prevents the belly from chafing or scratches.
    This girth has double elastic inserts at one end and roller clasps for a superior fit.

    Available in: 100cm - 140cm.
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