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  • <B>Go Pet Club - Cat Tree Climber with Swing</B> (87")
    The Go Pet Club Cat Tree Climber With Swing is an absolute best of the cat's furniture world! This tree house will really stand out from the crown and take center stage from any room it is placed. This is a necessity of a household that has multiple cats as this tree house will give them enough space to climb, play and explore. This cat activity tree has everything your cat could ever wish for, it will give them so much fun.
  • <B>Go Pet Club - Forest Cat Tree</B> (71")
    The Go Pet Club Forest Cat Tree is intended for the multi-feline family unit or the VPC (Very Pampered Cat), it stands about six feet in tallness and comes with physical wellness challenges and in addition extravagant napping platforms. This feline tree includes sections covered with sisal rope for your cat's scratching joy. There's a barrel shaped passage, a delicately influencing loft, and numerous stages from which your feline can take in the view. The flat scratching tube on the ground floor turns, adding to your cat's good times.
  • <B>Go Pet Club - Forest Cat Tree</B> (77")
    This colossal feline tree is the ideal play area for your catlike companions. The feline tree includes a a ladder, two perches, two baskets, two cat condo, and two slings that are ideal for loosening up throughout the day. Your kitties will surely thank you for getting this great play tower, estimating more than six feet tall it can oblige several cats at once.
  • <B>Go Pet Club - Model F12</B> (H: 71cm)
    Cat mansion in leopard colored flux fur. Medium sized cat tree with bed in the top. Sturdy base with several beds and sisal poles for claw trimming. Please note that toys might come of during play.

    Easy to assemble with step by step instruction and tools included. Assembly NOT included.
  • <B>Go Pet Club - Model F2030</B> (H: 203cm)
    Tall cat tree with numerous platforms, sisal poles for claw trimming and 2 caves. Please note that toys are come of during play but can be reattached.
  • <B>Go Pet Club - Model FC01</B> (H: 233-269cm)
    Slim but tall cat tree with great outlook plateaus and caves at multiple levels.

    Please note that due to the slim base Dubaipetfood.com/The Pet Shop recommend that the tree is attached to the ceiling to maintain the stability of the tree. If ceiling is higher we recommend to use a Wall Mount for Cat Trees, to at least ensure the stability of the tree with securing it to the wall.

    With the numerous platforms and hide, this cat tree is ideal for cat that like to get up in the sky and for multiple cat households. Sturdy base with long sisal poles for claw trimming.

    Easy to assemble with step by step instruction and tools included. Assembly NOT included.
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