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Regular dog grooming is important to their overall health, comfort and well-being. Dogs are not naturally as fastidious as cats and need help from their human companions in the caretaking area - especially if they are a long-haired or thick-coated breed. We offer a big range of dog grooming products from brushes to shampoos and conditioners, pet wipes, perfumes, and everything you need for ear, eye- and nailcare. 

Our product line includes brands such as Fuminator, Trixie, Pethead, Bio-Groom, Pet Natural and Dermoscent. 

Wide Selection of Dog Grooming Supplies

We offer similar products from different brands. Keep in mind that we stock multiple brands that offer similar products.

Check out the dog grooming supplies we have in stock:

Dog Brushes & More

Explore our wide selection of dog brushes. Items in our list inlude: -standard and flexible undercoat rake designed for thick and dense furs -nylon soft bristle brush for dogs that remove loose hairs and spread the natural oils along the whole coat -double dog brush that combines a nylon bristle on one side and pin brush on the other. -soft-pin dog brush suitable for both fine and medium coats, which helps by removing dead hair and by brushing out minor knots and tangles -ball pin slicker for sensitive dog skin that helps maintain the coat clean and healthy -professional shedding tools that can help you shed your dog's fur in no time -puppy grooming kit with an interchangeable slicker brush and curved comb -dog grooming kit and dog brushes for sensitive skin and coat - customizable dog brush that fits every need -dog grooming glove that is suitable for both wet and dry use - It is ideal for bathing, grooming, and cleaning up loose hair -dog massage grooming glove that improves circulation - two sided for both dry and wet fur -shampoo and massage brush that helps you distribute the shampoo on the fur and relaxes your pet.


Flea Killers for Dogs

We offer a large variety of flea and tick accessories and killers under the dog grooming section: -flea and tick dog collar for all breeds that starts working immediately after you start using it -treatment for dogs for long-lasting spots caused by fleas and ticks available without a prescription - for small, medium, and large dogs. -ear mites, heartworm, flea, and tick treatment and prevention - additive against infestation available without a prescription -spray on treatment for ticks and fleas suitable for dogs available without a prescription -insecticidal talc powder usable as a part of a flea treatment program - suitable for puppies and other small pets - and effective against red mites, harvest mites, and feathered mites -safe and effective flea and tick shampoos recommended by multiple vets.

Dog Bathing

In this section you will find 4 categories of dog bathing supplies:

Dog Shampoos:

Here you can find everything needed for your dog's favorite shower. We stock a huge selection of products with different size, smell, and purpose. Some of the products we offer include hypo-allergenic dog shampoo, flea and tick dog spray, dry and itchy skin shampoo, allergy itch relief shampoo, puppy shampoo, insect repelling dog shampoo. Other items from our selections are jojoba spray for dogs, aloe vera dog shampoo, deodorizing dog shampoo, herbal extract dog shampoo, dog shampoo blend, dog shampoo for long and curly coats, dog shampoo against shedding, and much, much more.

Dry Dog Shampoos:

Relatively big selection of dry dog shampoos and products for waterless cleaning. Some of them include aloe vera waterless foam shampoo for dogs, quick dry clean dog spray, dry dog shampoo, dog spray against knots, shine spray for dogs, essential mousse for dogs, and more.

Medicated Dog Shampoos:

Our selection of medical dog shampoos offers products that cover and fight all well-known problems so you and your dog can enjoy your time together. We have dog spray against ringworm, red mange, and other tropical parasites, itchy, dry, and sensitive skin dog shampoo, flea and tick dog spray and shampoo, germicidal pet shampoo, insect-repelling dog shampoo, anti-scaling dog shampoo, soap free dog shampoos, and more.

Dog Conditioners:

We offer oatmeal and aloe vera dog conditioner, softening cream detangler for dogs, scented and fragrance-free dog conditioner, 2in1 dog shampoo and conditioner, detangling sprays for dogs, dog coat balms, satin conditioning balm for dogs, multi-use dog conditioner, leave-in dog conditioning spray, and more.

Eye & Ear Care for Dogs

We offer everything you need to maintain your dog's eye and ear care. We stock dog eye and ear care products from the best brands that guarantee results. Some of our products include dog ear relief wash, dog ear swabs, dog ear cleansing pads, ear solution for dogs, dog ear wipes, dog ear and face care sets, dog ear cleaner, dog tear stain remover, dog eye rinse and cleansing solution, and more.

Nail Care for Dogs

Pick from our selected collection of dog nail care products. We offer different types, sizes, and colors dog claw scissors, quick dog aid against bleeding from nail accidents, nail file, and more. Taking care of your dog's nails is important, especially if the dog is not fully trained. It can both ruin furniture and floors, but also accidentally hurt you and your kids.

Dog Perfume & More

You don't have to be taking your dog to a fancy dinner for it to smell nice. You can easily take care of that with any of our dog perfume products. We offer deodorizing touch up spray for dogs, dog stress relief spray, quick clean dog spray, dog perfume spray, various dog fragrance sprays, and more.

Dog Trimmers

When it comes to dog grooming you really have two options - let a professional do it, or do it yourself. When it comes to doing it yourself - we are definitely here to help you. Our wide selection of dog trimmers can help you do just that. Take a look at our dog clipper set, dog trimmers, replacement blades for dog trimmers, dog scissors, dog thinning scissors, dog attachment combs, dog trimmers blade lube, dog trimmers spray, and more.

Dog Wipes

We are always here to help you with maintaining and grooming your dog, and generally, assist you in the wellbeing of your pet. That is why we've stocked a large variety of dog wipes. Choose from hypo-allergenic dog grooming wipes, various scented dog wipes, dog grooming ear wipes, dog grooming eye wipes.

Grooming Bags for Dogs

Here we have a limited offering of products. We still, however, believe that you are capable of using them for all your dog's necessities. Our stylish and trendy dog grooming bag has a lot of space where you can store dog grooming tools or other supplies.

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