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Hanging Toys

  • <B>Trixie - Wooden Arch Swing</B> (20x29cm)
    Ideal for Medium parrots up to Africans Greys.

    Based on metal wire, decorated with a combination of wood beads and rope.

  • <B>Trixie - Wooden Octopus Bird Toy</B> (35cm)
    Ideal for cockatiels, parakeets.

    Based on chain, decorated with a combination of cork, wood beads and rope.

  • <B>Trixie - Bird Bamboo Bridge</B> (45cm)
    Made from bamboo, coconut, rattan, wood and sisal rope with wooden hooks.

    Suitable for budgies, cockatiels
  • <B>Trixie - Coconut houses with connecting ladder</B> (Double)
    Coconut House for small rodents, like hamster, gerbils, but also suitable for Small to medium birds/parakeets.

  • <B>Trixie - Colourful Wooden Bird Toy</B> (31cm)
    Wooden toy for a birds like cockatiels and parakeets - lots of fun shapes and colors.
  • <B>Trixie - Colourful Wooden Toy on a Rope</B> (24cm)
    Cotton rope with wooden beads toys for budgies and cockatiels.
  • <B>Trixie - Natural Living Wood Toy with Luffa Bell</B>
    Hanging toy for cockatiels, parakeets.
  • <B>Trixie - Natural Toy with Lavastones</B>
    Sisal rope with wooden beads,coconut and pecking stone.Suitable for cockatiels, parakeets.
  • <B>Trixie - Rope Ring</B> (Ø24cm)
    Made from pure cotton with wooden beads.

    Suitable for parakeets, parrots
  • <B>Trixie - Toy Bamboo Man</B> (25cm)
    Natural Toy with Jute Rope looks like a Bamboo Man.
  • <B>Trixie - Wood/Leather Bird Toy on Rope</B> (35cm)
    Flamed wood with rope and small leather straps. Made of 100 % natural materials.

    Suitable for budgies, canaries
  • <B>Trixie - Wooden Toy with Cardboard</B> (18X35cm)
    Colorful wooden toy with sisal rope.
  • <B>Zoo Max - Birdy Plunk Medium</B>
    Fun mind teaser for birds - fill with treats and let the bird work it out to get the treats.
  • <B>Zoo Max - Cinnamon Roll</B>
    Nylon rope with wood beads for different shapes. Ideal for Small to medium parrots like Conures, Senegals and Quackers.
  • <B>Zoo Max - Cocotte Medium</B>
    Wood planks on chain - colorful and durable - hours of nibbling fun for active parrots. This toy is excellent for medium parrots like cockatiel, senegal, conures, caiques and quakers.
  • <B>Zoo Max - Rou-Dumdum</B>
    Colorful toy with mix of wood beads and paper rope, mounted in a large plastic base. Attaches to cage with small chain. For all small to medium parrots.
  • <B>Zoo Max - Tournicotti Large</B>
    Large number of colorful sisal rope, with several wood blocks in between, finished with a cottonrope (not shown).
    This toy is excellent for medium to large parrots, like greys, ringnecks and conures.
  • Zoo Max - Radar</B>
    Blocks, blocks and bells - You bird got thing for colorful blocks or just a urge to nibble and make noice.

    Comes in:
    Regular - AED 57
    Large - AED 70.50
  • <B>Pado - Bird Toy Budgie T</B>
    The Pado Bird Toy Budgie T is made of a pet safe, colourful wooden beads attached in a cotton rope. This toy will stimulates your birds mental and physical well being, and will satisfy it's instinctual need to chew. It has a quick link type connector so you can easily hang it inside the bird cage.
  • <B>Pado - Bird Toy Canary Wheel</B>
    Size: 25 x 7.5 cm
    Weight: 129 g
  • <B>Pado - Bird Toy on Leather String</B>
    With the Pado Bird Toy on Leather String your bird will be engage in so much activity, from the top of it's head to the bottom of its feet. This toy consists of a leather string that has rattan balls, chunky pieces of coloured wooden balls and wooden blocks so your birds can chew on something substantial. The rattan balls are hollow balls with holes so you can stuff some treats for your birds to find. This is indeed a very fun toy for your bird. It also fulfills their common desire to scavenge and bite. It also comes with a snappy connection clasp so you can easily hang inside the cage.
  • <B>Pado - Bird Toy Ring with Rope</B>
    The Pado Bird Toy Ring with Rope is consist of more than hundreds of rope strands for your feathered creature to pick and preen on. This colourful ring with ropes will give your beloved birds a comfortable swing and climbing toy. It's colors will surely keep your feathered creature intrigue and will entertain them for hours. You can even attach other materials on the metal core for additional fun and activity for your birds. This also comes with a snappy connection clasp, so it can easily be hanged inside your bird's cage.

  • <B>Pado - Bird Toy with Coloured Loofah</B>
    Loofah comes from the natural plant of the cucumber family which is very safe for birds to play with. The Pado Bird Toy with Coloured Loofah is an incredible bird toy that will keep your pet busy for a considerable length of time. This toy is essentially awesome to give to your pet the activity they require with little stress for you. It has an has a snappy connection clasp which can be attached to the top of the cage. This Loofah bird toy will additionally make an incredible scavenging toys for your winged animal, simply stuff any sort of treat inside and it will encourage their natural preening and therefore prevents boredom. They are produced using non-poisonous, brightly coloured, natural materials which you and your feathered creatures will definitely love.

  • <B>Pado - Bird Toy with Letterbeads</B>
    Make your birds entertained with this Pado Bird Toy, it is made of an array of different shaped colourful wooden blocks and letterbeads in sisal rope for your bird to enjoy chewing and preening on. It also has two bells hanged at the bottom that will surely catch your birds attention. This is designed for the most athletic bird and they will surely get all the exercises they need.
  • <B>Pado - Bird Toy With Shell and Wickerballs</B>
    This Pado Bird Toy has a coconut shell on top with colorful wicker balls and dyed woods. The rattan wicker balls are hollow balls with holes so you can stuff some treats for your birds to find, it also comes with a bell for additional fun and a snappy connection clasp so you can easily hang inside the cage. This is indeed a very entertaining toy for your bird. It will fulfill their common desire to scavenge and bite.
  • <B>Pado - Bird Toy Wood & Bells on Chain</B>
    Adorn your birds home with the Pado Bird Toy Wood & Bells on Chain. This toy is consist of colorful woods and beads with a hanging jingle bell that will surely give your feathered friend some entertainment. It will stimulate and prevent them from getting bored, thus allowing them to exercise their beaks while they are chewing on the coloured woods.
  • <B>Pado - Loaded Banana Bird Toy</B>
    This bird toy from Pado is the next perfect toy for your feathered friends, it comes with lots of colorful parts and plastic balls that features a big banana making it very enticing for your birds. This toy is made of pet safe materials, and are dyed using a coloring agent. It also has a snappy connection clasp for easy cage placement.
  • <B>Pado - Wooden Beads on Cotton Rope</B>
    This Pado Wooden Beads on Cotton Rope toy is suitable for small and medium-sized birds. It's made of bright colored wooden beads attached to a cotton rope. It will satisfy your birds' instinctual need to chew as it is made of bird-friendly material to ensure its mental and physical well being.
  • <B>Parrot Toy - Woodbeads on Rope</B>
    Designed for medium parrots. Made from cotton rope and leather strips with woodbeads on steel ring. Quick-link in chain for easy attachment to cages.
  • <B>Trixie - Landing Mirror </B> (8cm)
    Assorted colors (Green, Yellow, Red and Blue combinations)
  • <B>Trixie - Mirror with Bell</B> (ø 7cm)
    Assorted colors (Green, Yellow, Red and Blue)
  • <B>Trixie - Natural toy with mahogany pod</B> (30cm)
    Ideal for budgies, cockatiels. Natural toy on a sisal rope, with mahogany pod, sea shells, bamboo and maize cobs.
  •  <B>Bird Wickerballs on Leatherstrips</B>
    Designed for medium parrots. Made from leather strips with woodbeads and wickerballs on steel chain. Quick-link in chain for easy attachment to cages. Woodparts dyed with food coloring.
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