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Head Gear Accessories

  • <B>Horze Cheek Guard - Black</B>
    A pair of round soft rubber guards used to prevent soreness at the corners of the mouth. Use with any loose ring snaffle to keep irritation away.
  • <B>Horze Martingale</B> (Black)
    Quality leather martingale complete with rubber stoppers.

    Available in two sizes COB and FULL.
  • <B>Horze Running Martingale</B> (Black)
    Running martingale in leather, for extra control of your horse.

    Available in Cob and Full.
  • <b> Horze Constantia Browband</b> (Light Brown)
    Beautiful U-shaped brow band with sparkling inserts. An excellent choice to add life back to an old or plain bridle.
  • <B>Horze Breastplate - Light Brown</B> (Full)
    Adjustable hunting breastplate combined with martingale. Contrast stitching decoration.

    Available in two colors and sizes.
  • <b>Horze Bib Martingale</b> (Black)
    Bib martingale made from good quality leather to over come the habit of raising head of your horse while running or training.
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