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Health Care

Our big selection of dog health care products contains the best items and is always expanding. That is because at DubaiPetFood we really love pets. We understand their needs and wants. And just as every human needs health care of, so do dogs. Our dog health care products are designed to keep your dog at its best throughout its life. We believe every dog should be taken care of and we expand our dog health care supply all the time. For that reason, you are more than welcome to contact us if you cannot find a specific dog health care product you think we should have. Contact us now online or find us in our physical store.

We have a large variety of pest control products against all types of external parasites like fleas, ticks, biting flies, mites and more. Puppies are more vulnerable as between six and eight weeks of age since they start to receive fewer antibodies from their mother.

Dog Health Care Brands 

We stock products from Brands like Kyron, Microcyn, Dermoscent, Pfizer (Frontline), Bayer (Advantix & Advocate), Beaphar, Four Paws, Thundershirt, Pet Remedy, Trixie, and much more.

Take a look at the dog health care products we offer:

Anti - Stress Dog Anxiety Products

Dogs suffer from anxiety, just like us, humans. The most common factor that can unlock a dog's anxiety is the one from separation. However, different dogs have different triggers. Dogs have a few triggers and ways of expressing their anxiety. Typically, they will be expressive when they meet new people or new situations. The way dogs show their anxiety is by constant barking, tearing up, urinating or defecating at home. Because the source and their fears differ a lot from dog to dog, not all medicines have the wanted effect for some dogs. For others, however, they will work just as intended. It is always good to consult a vet before buying a major dog health care medicine such as the anti - stress products.

Cooling Aid for Dogs

The hot, searing sun poses many dangers for dogs, just as it does for people. That is especially true for dogs that are fully active throughout the day, left alone to play by themselves. Some of the most common risks that are hidden but come with hot weather include heatstroke, sunburn, and dehydration. We believe owners have to take care of their pets and we are here to help. Check our cooling dog health care products. We offer Cooling Mats for Dogs, Cooling Vests for Dogs, and Darrow's Solution for Dogs.

Dental Care for Dogs

As with humans, dogs also suffer from dental problems. They, however, are not as susceptible to cavities as much as we people are. There is an old wisdom that says a dog's mouth is cleaner that a human's. But that does not protect your dogs from tartar and plaque buildup and gingivitis. Disregarding these issues does not only include getting used to the bad breath your dog has. These problems might actually lead to more serious conditions, some of which life-threatening infections and heart, liver, and kidney related issues and diseases. Do not hesitate and take action towards improving your dog's mouth hygiene now. You can check out our products both online or in our store.

Digestion Aid for Dogs

Digestion problems might cause your dog to either vomit, be constipated or have diarrhea. As their owner, you should naturally help them recover. However, if it lasts more than 24 hours. you should consult a professional since you need to make sure there's no serious illness going on. You are welcome to check out the beneficial probiotic dog health care products we have to offer.

Eye Care for Dogs 

Dogs are animals that unfortunately do not have a safe an effective way of maintaining their eyes clean. That in terms makes them more prone to eye illnesses, typically caused by bad and ineffective physical cleaning. Such could be when the dog tries to rub their eyes against carpets or furniture, or when trying to clean up buildup with paws with sharp nails. For that reason, you need to take care of your dog's eyes and inspect them carefully during the weekly health check. You can do that by finding a good source of light and even using a magnifying tool. If you find something that looks worrying, consult your vet right away. Meanwhile, explore some of our dog health care products specifically targeted towards eye care.

General Dog Health Care

Keeping your furry friend healthy is something we all want. And having a dog at home could be a great addition. Not everyone, though, knows and understands the elements and routines of keeping your dog healthy. But from the time they are puppies until they are full-grown adults, their needs change. Their general health condition is one of them, too. Support them through all stages of life by adding valuable key elements to their diets. This and more general dog health care items you can find both in our webstore and in our physical shop.

Joint Support for Dogs

We all love to play with our dogs. Some of us spend hours doing things together and observing their dogs. Not many, however, think about the joints of these active animals. That is primarily because most of us think that joint support for flexibility and comfort is something we should take care of later in your dog's life. And so, many are surprised to find out that is not the case, and the need for joint support might occur sooner that you'd have expected. That is why under our dog health care category you can find some of the most useful joint support for dogs products that will keep your pet active and healthy.

Mite Treatments for Dogs

Ear mites are the most common and relatively mild parasite infection that affects dogs. The real threat poses if your pet has an immune hypersensitivity reaction. That can result in intense irritation of the external part of the dog's ear. You can easily observe a dog's reaction to mites - they will typically scratch their ears excessively, sometimes even pulling out their own hair as they do it, and shake their heads. There are even more serious complications that can develop from there. We are here to help you with these issues, which is why we offer dog health care medicines and treatments. You can browse our mite treatment medications for dogs.

Skin Care for Dogs

While a dog scratching its skin does not necessarily mean there's something wrong (Yes, they sometimes do it even without reason), you might want to look into cases where your pet is doing it excessively. When your dog is constantly scratching, biting, chewing or just licking itself up to the point of getting a wound, you should seek professional advice. There are many factors that could affect your pet's skin, some of which are high temperatures, low humidity, stress, changing houses, dietary changes, etc. Are you worried about your dog's health care? Starting to notice something wrong with your dog's skin? You are, as always, more than welcome to check out our skin care products for dogs.

Ticks and Fleas Aid for Dogs

Ticks and fleas in dogs might not sound like a serious problem, however, that can lead to some serious health issues. Such problems might further develop to parasitic diseases and infections to both you and your pets. The reason for that could be the open wounds of their bites and the excessive scratching caused by the constant itching. Every dog requires different medications and treatments, so consulting with your vet is a good idea. Under our dog health care label, you will be able to find a large variety of tick and flea medicines for dogs.

Dog Wound Care

There could be potentially thousand ways a dog can get a wound, especially in very physically active dogs. While not each of them is life-threatening, treating your dog's cuts and bruises might make its life easier and your engaging activities together happier. If you are not sure how what do to, contact your vet about how you should treat a dog wound. We believe that dog health care is not something you should overlook. You are welcome to contact us about any dog wound treatment medicine you are particularly interested in.

Your dog's health is something a specialist should examine. Consult with one before undertaking any treatment. For inquiries and suggestions about dog health care products, please contact us online or visit us in our physical store.

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