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Honest Pet Products

To be true to our pets means that Honest Pet Products' toys and accessories are made from the most truly natural, safe and durable materials possible. Their products are more natural than other eco friendly products because they are not simple repackaged recycled plastic and synthetics called eco friendy!
To be true to our planet means that their materials are used in their most truly natural form to promote sustainabillity and carbon footprint reduction. They simply use the quality gifts that nature has to offer to heal the planet and provide us all safer lives!
  • <B>Honest Pet Products - Eco Owl</B>
    When your BFF cannot snuggle up with you, they can keep this adorable stuffed Eco Owl Buddy Dog Toy nestled close, and carry it around like a best friend.

    Size Guide:
    Small - 6inch (15cm)
    Medium - 8inch (20.30cm)
    Large - 10inch (25cm)
    75.00 AED
  • <B>Honest Pet Products - Eco-Pouncer</B> (Beige)
    Classic cat toy that will thrill most felines, with a sustainable and earth-friendly profile. Colored using natural vegetable dyes.
    50.00 AED
  • <B>Honest Pet Products - Eco-Pouncer</B> (Mini)

    The Eco Pouncer, one of our first cat toys, stimulates cats for hours of exercise and fun.
    They are handcrafted by rural Mongolian women supporting their impoverished families and protecting the snow leopards in Mongolia.

    50.00 AED
  • <B>Honest Pet Products - Eco Tosser</B>
    Completely non-toxic, lead-free and earth-friendly. Great alternative to the classic tennis ball. (No bounce, but do floats). Made by disabled adults in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

    Available in:
    Small - AED 75
    Medium - AED 90
    Large - AED 108

    Size guide:
    Small - 2"/ 5cm for dogs up to 9kg / 20 pounds
    Medium - 3"/ 7.5cm for dogs 9-22kg /20 to 50 pounds
    Large - 4"/10cm for dogs over 22kg / 50 pounds
    75.00 AED
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