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Horze Running Martingale (Cob)

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Product no.: 106-309-023
Running martingale in leather, for extra control of your horse.

Available in Cob and Full.
Material: Genuine leather

Horze Running Martingale
Running martingale in leather, for extra control of your horse.

Product feature:
  • Helps control head movements
  • Only interfere when horse is going above desired level.
  • Horze id: 10731

    How to use:
    Attached to the girth and passing between the horse's front legs before dividing into two pieces. At the end of each of these 2 straps is a small metal ring through which the reins shall pass. It is held in the correct position by a neck strap.

    When correctly adjusted, the reins make a straight line from the rider's hand to the bit ring when the horse's head in at the correct height and the running martingale is not in effect.

    How does it work:
    When the horse raises its head above the desired point, the running martingale adds leverage through the reins to the bit on the bars of the horse's mouth. The leverage created by this pressure encourages the horse to lower its head. If a horse happens to trip ( e.g on landing after a fence) the rider can loosen the reins and the horse will have full use of its head and neck to gain balance.
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