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House training


House training a dog is very easy but requires patience. Whether starting with a puppy or an adult, begin with training pads - we have many products to help your house training! We have puppy pads, toilets, mats, replacement grass, crate and plastic dog homes. 
  • <B>Trixie 50 Nappy Puppy Pad</B> (40x60)
    Nappy Puppy pads for all puppies! Train your puppy where to go, keep your surrounding clean and dry!!
  • <B>Simple Solution Economy Puppy Training Pad - 100 Pack</B> (54x56cm)
    Features advanced polymer technology to convert liquid into gel. With powerful odor control and attractant.

    Size: 54 cm x 56 cm
  • <B>Simple Solution Puppy Training Pad - 30 Pack</B> (54x57cm)
    Features advanced polymer technology to convert liquid into gel. With powerful odor control and attractant.

    Size: 54 cm x 57 cm
  • <B>Thunder Paws - Advance-Care 60x60cm Puppy Pads</B> (30pads)
    Size 60 x 60 cm. Thunder Paws Puppy Pads absorbs moisture and keeps your home pee and odor free.

    30 pieces
  • <B>Thunder Paws - Advance-Care 60x90cm Puppy Pads</B> (10pads)
    Size 60 x 90 cm. Highly absorbent inner layer and keeps the environment dry and clean due to Water proof backside.

    Product Features:
    - Odor Eliminator
    - 100% Non Toxic
    - People & Pet safe
    - Highly absorbent inner layer
    - Water proof backside
    - Sticky tabs
  • <B>Trixie - Puppy Loo Puppy Toilet</B> (49x41cm)
    Get a Puppy loo puppy toilet, protect your floor and carpets!!
  • <B>Trixie - Puppy Loo Puppy Toilet</B> (65x55cm)
    Get a Puppy loo puppy toilet, protect your floor and carpets!!
  • <B>Simple Solution - Training Pads Holder</B>
    Strong durable holder for puppy training pads. Stops dogs from tearing and biting at the pad. Secure lock down tabs hold pad in place.

    Fits pads 50 cm x 50 cm and slightly bigger.

    Size: Fits pads 50 cm x 50 cm and slightly bigger.
  • <B>Mikki Pup-Pee Training Pads</B> (100pack)
    56 x 58cm - Housebreaking the easy way!
  • <B>Trixie - Galvanized 2 Door Wire Crate</B>
    Puppy training crate that can be folded flat for use a transport-, weekend- or recovery cage.

    Small - 64 x 54 x 48 cm
    Medium - 78 x 62 x 55 cm
    Medium / Large - 93 x 69 x 62 cm
    Large - 109 x 79 x 71 cm
    XLarge - 116 x 86 x 77 cm

  • <B>Four Paws Wee-Wee Patch Replacement Grass - Medium</B> (50x75cm)
    The Wee-Wee® Patch provides a convenient way to train your pet for both indoors and outdoors. The durable tray features a unique pour spout that makes for easy drainage. Dogs prefer to go in an area based on its texture and scent. This realistic dual-height grass with puppy attractant provides a natural feel for your dog. The patch is an ideal training aid for both inside and out.

    Available in:
    - Small (50x50cm)
    - Medium (50x75cm)
  • <B>Four Paws Wee-Wee Patch Replacement Grass - Small</B> (50x50cm)
    Four Paws Wee Wee Patch Refill.

    Available in:
    - Small (50x50cm)
    - Medium (50x75cm)
  • <B>Midwest - Double Door Life Stages Dog Crates</B>
    Equipped with practically every feature necessary for housebreaking and housing your dog, these collapsible dog crates make it convenient for you to give your dog the proper care he deserves.

    Available In:
    18" Toybreed
    22" Xsmall
    24" Small
    30" Medium
    36" Intermediate
    42" Large
    48" Xlarge

  • <B>Simple Solution - Chew Stopper</B>
    With a strong, bitter flavor that can be applied to any item that is likely to be chewed or damaged by repeated chewing or gnawing from your furry friend.

    Size: 500 ml
  • <B>Midwest - Life Stages Exercise Pen w/MAXLock Door</B>
    LifeStages Exercise Pens ensure your pet's safety during playtime whether indoors or out. Offering large door providing the convenience of a step-through door and the security of the MAXLock Door System. Panes

    Available in:
    Height 61cm (24") - AED 295
    Height 76cm (30") - AED 333
    Height 91cm (36") - AED 428
    Height 106cm (42”) - AED 505
    Height 121cm (48”) - AED 560
  • <B>Trixie - Puppy Run</B> (Height: 91cm)
    Play pen for indoor and outdoor use. For use when the children plays with their pet or when house-training your puppy.

    Content: 8 panels of W:61 x H:91 cm.

    Materials: Galvanized Steel.
  • <B>Simple Solution - Puppy Aid Training Spray</B> (500ml)
    Helps train your puppy to urinate in the proper area. For indoor and outdoor use
  • <B>Trixie - Dog Barrier Door</B> (H:76cm)
    Ideal for restricting access to any room in your home. Fit openings from 75 to 85 cm. (Extensions available separately)

    NO attaching required.

  • <B>Trixie - Extension Element for Dog Barriers</B> (H:76cm)
    Extension for the Trixie Dog barrier door Height 76 cm. Gives 10 cm pr. pc.

    Height of door: 76 cm.

  • <B>Beaphar - Indoor Behavior Spray for Dogs</B> (125ml)
    Beaphar Indoor Behavior Spray for dogs is a training aid to assist you in training your dog to stop unwanted scratching/gnawing. These kind of behavior issues can have multiple root causes, so it is important to find out why your dog behaves this way and treat it as well as correcting the behavior itself.

    For use on objects and/or areas that require some protection from your dog , spray from about 15-20cms away. This is a training aid, not a repellent. Can be reapplied to problem areas after 2 days. Never use this on the animal.

    May cause staining - always test on an inconspicuous areas first.
  • <B>Midwest Extension for Steel Pet Gate</B>
    Extension for Midwest Steel Pet Gates. Comes in 6" or 11" in White or Graphite. Can be added to Midwest Steel Pet Gates to fit an entry with a max. 54inches.
  • <B>Midwest Steel Pet Gate - Glow in the Dark</B>
    Attractive and sturdy gates offer a convenient way to keep your pet in a safe place. Designed to keep your pet in a designated room or out of a certain space in your home. Keeping your pet secure, calm and comfortable.

    Quick and easy to install, no tools required, has four individual adjustable tension knobs that create a pressure mount within entry ways and door ways that you can depend on being secure and stable.
  • <B>Simple Solution All Day Pads</B> - 50pcs
    Simple Solution All Day Pad is a very absorbent premium pad for dogs made up of 6 layers. Suitable for toilet training your puppy or apartment dog.

    Pad Size: 23inch x 24inch
  • <B>Trixie - Natura Dog's Inn Dog Kennel</B> (S-M)
    Trixie - Natura Dog's Inn Dog Kennel charms with its finer design elements, color combination and spacious interiors. The dog house will satisfy your dog’s need for privacy and indulge in long periods of undisturbed snooze. It is built in solid pine wood to keep it long lasting. It has a draft resistant tongue-and-groove exterior and is coated in a weatherproof sealer to withstand any climate. Available in a soothing shade of light blue with the edges covered in white trim, this dog house is apt for large breeds like a Labrador.

    Size: 91 × 80 × 80 cm
  • <B>Four Paws - Wee Wee Patch Kit</B>
    A private lawn in the house, just for your dogs business. With realistic dual-height grass treated with a puppy attractant, it provides a natural feel for your dog.
    Ideal for day use for small breeds in the hot Dubai summer.
    The durable tray features a unique pour spout that makes for easy drainage.

    Available in:
    Small - (For dogs less than 7kg.)
    Medium - (For dogs less than 19kg)

    Small - 50cm x 50cm (20x20inch)
    Medium - 75x50cm (30x20inch)
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