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  • <B>Intersand - ODOURLOCK</B> (12kg)
    Ultra-effective and safe for both you and your cat. Offers a unparalleled 40-day odour control, ultra-fast clumping and amazingly low dust level.

    Product of the year according to the : ‘’2014 Editor’s Choice Awards’’ from the Pet Product News magazine and hold the "Safe4mycat" seal, guarantee this product to be safe, powerful and made with the best quality sodium bentonite, produced using an eco-conscious approach.
  • <B>Intersand Classic - Baby Powder</B> (14kg)
    Baby powder fragrance. Triple action: 99.9% dust-free, odour-control & clumping.
  • <B>Intersand Classic - Lavender</B> (14kg)
    Extra hard clumping, absorbs 400% of its weight in liquid and offers extreme low dust level.
  • <B>Intersand Extreme Classic - Unscented</B> (14kg)
    High absorption rate of 4 times its own weight of liquid and offers extreme low dust level. Unscented.
  • <B>Odourlock - Calming Breeze</B> (12Kg)
    This clumping cat litter is made of all-natural clay. Its patented "Smart Odor Shield" technology blocks ammonia release, uniquely neutralizing urine and faeces odors for 40 days. This ultra-fast clumping and easy-scooping litter makes litter box cleaning so effortless. OdourLock generates less waste than competing clay litters: you'll use 45% less litter per year. * Plus, it's 99.9% dust-free, leaving no tracking on floors or furniture and keeping your cat's and your family's respiratory systems safe. It is soft and comfortable for your cat.
  • Intersand - Simple Clumping Cat Litter (18kg)
    This Simple Clumping Cat Litter from Intersand is suitable for all cats or kittens, it will give what most cat owners require from a clumping cat litter. The clumps this litter forms get harder with time and does not disintegrate as it dries out. It's good for sensitive cats as it's odor free and has smaller granules. It's also 99.99% dust free,and is virtually none tracking. This means no messy, gritty residue walked onto floor and work surfaces, as it does not stick to your cats' paws.
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