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  • <B>ISTA - Precise CO2 Pressure Reduce Regulator </B>
    Product Features
    - Air tight design. Easy assembling, no tools required in fastening the CO2 cylinder.
    - Extremely precise processing of the control needle valve which assures the reliability and accuracy in CO2 dosing.
    - Pressure reduced design to provide most stable and reliable pressure output.
  • <B>ISTA - Swing Arm Hydrometer</B>
    The Ista Hydrometer is a simple piece of equipment used to quickly and accuratly measure the salinity of the water in the marine aquarium.
    AED52.00 44.20
  • <B>Ista - Waterplant Co2 - Refills</B> (3pack)
    Ista Waterplant CO2 - Refills
    Disposable CO2 canister set. Pack comes with 3 disposable CO2 canisters for use with the Ista CO2 Diffuser set.
  • <B>Ista - Waterplant Co2 Starter Set</B>
    Ista - Waterplant CO2 Diffuser Set
    A perfect CO2 supply set for small tanks or beginners to fresh water plant keeping, Very simple and easy to set up and operate with replacement canisters available. Set comes with 1 CO2 canister, air line and CO2 diffusing chamber. Replacement CO2 cartridges available in packs of 3.
  • <B>Ista CO2 Indicator</B>
    Product Features:
    - Allows you to monitor the CO2 level in your tank .
    - Unique design prevents any chance of spilling the indicator solution.
    - Reusable color chart sticker allows the constant repositioning of the position of the label on the aquarium.
  • <B>Ista Waterplant - Snail Trap</B>
    Snail Trap- fights snail plagues without chemicals device to catch water snails in the aquarium. Gammarus shrimps or food tablets make an ideal bait. Place the ISTA Snail Trap in your aquarium during the night, wait and remove the trap full of snails next morning. Can also be used outside of the aquarium to catch various creepy crawlies, such as cockroaches etc.
  • ISTA - Aluminium CO2 Cylinder (1L)
    Quality aluminum cylinders add a professional and elegant look to your aquarium set up.
    Ista’s CO2 cylinders safety standards are approved by Technical Inspection Association (TUV).
  • ISTA - Aquarium Substrate Premium Soil
    A scientifically formulated substrate from natural soil sintered into a porous and granular structure with excellent filtering power.
  • ISTA - Aquascaping Instant Glue
    Aquarium Super Glue Gel can be used on wide varieties of substrate surfaces and materials. Strong adhesion and Rapid drying time. It can be used underwater (saltwater / freshwater) for attaching moss/ plants on rock/wood. Safe for shrimp and fishes.
  • ISTA - Instant Glue
    A glue that works perfect under water. Adhesive for decorations, driftwood, coral, stone, ceramics, timber, metal, plastic – even leather. Excellent for gluing stony coral fragments to coral rock and other surfaces.

    No messy mixing of 2-part epoxy putties, or concern with irritation to tank inhabitants from leaching amine epoxy curing agents.
  • ISTA - Water Plant CO2 Tablet
    These Ista CO2 Tablets are the perfect solution for achieving a lush, robust planted aquarium! These tablets are a great CO2 supplement option, that is easy-to-use and extremely convenient.

    Simply add one tablet per 5.3 US gallons (20 litres) and watch it gradually dissolve, adding 5 mg/L of CO2 to your water.
  • ISTA - Water Plant Soil pH 6.5 (2L/Medium)
    Water Plant Soil is a multi-purpose soil of volcanic origin. It controls the PH balance of the water, creating a favorable environment for invertebrates (shrimp etc.) and plants softens the aquarium water.

    This Water Plant Soil plays an important role in the development of plants, as well as increasing the overall water quality, allowing the formation of beneficial microorganisms. It helps to keep the aquarium clean by absorbing the dirt and debris in the aquarium. It can be used as a substrate in all freshwater aquariums.
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