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JBL Denitrol (100ml)

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Product no.: 100-501-018
Removes Biological nitrites. Fast starting formula using highly active cleansing bacteria and enzymes detoxifies water to prevent fish loss
Prevent fish loss with fast acting formula. Safely removes nitrates and detoxifies water.
JBL Denitrol

Contains eight complementary bacterial cultures for the breakdown of proteins, ammonium and nitrites.
The fish can be added to the newly established aquarium 48 hours after the application of JBL Denitrol.
Studies have found out that bacteria in a new aquarium reproduce very slowly, if no water pollution occurs. If fish are released into aquarium without bacterial starter, ammonium/ammonia problems will arise. Bacteria reproduce too slowly at first and can’t keep pace with the pollution output. Adding JBL Denitrol (1 hour after the addition of JBL Biotopol) high quantities of bacteria are added.
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