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JBL NovoPleco Chips (100ml)

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Product no.: 100-522-057
Sinking Pellets for Plecostomus Catfish

Vegetable By-Products, Vegetables, Cereals, Molluscs and Crustaceans, Algae, Fish and Fish-By-Products (Yeast Protein Concentrate), Yeast.

Plecostomus catfish often eat wood as part of their natural diet. In the wild they scrape algae and plant growth from tree branches and submerged roots, scraping up small pieces of wood with them.
Plecos are often neglected in the aquarium as just being janitor fish or simply algae eaters. This is not true. Plecos need wood and should be supplemented at least 2xs a week if you want one of these magnificent fish to reach their full size and maintain optimal health. Novo Pleco enables you to achieve this.


  • Herbivorous plecos need food containing 10 % wood for digestion, the exact amount these wafers contain.
  • As these novel wafers do not dissolve in water, they do not pollute the water, thereby giving shy fish the opportunity to feed in peace later.
  • The sinking wafers contain energy-providing wheat germ in addition to spirulina and vegetable matter.
  • Better food, clearer water
  • Dermatologically tested to reduce the risk of allergies to our customers
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