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JBL Proscape Shrimps Soil - Beige (9L)

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Product no.: 100-486-127
Ideal for shrimp keeping. With its softening effect the substrate is ideal for the keeping of shrimps, and other animals which prefer slightly acidic water.
Creates optimal water values for shrimp aquariums. JBL ProScape Shrimps Soil creates a slightly acidic pH value and a smaller KH value in the aquarium, as found in many tropical waters.

How to use it:

JBL ProScape Shrimps Soil is pre-cleaned. To wash out abrasion caused in transit, we recommend rinsing JBL ProScape Shrimps Soil before use in the aquarium. Please add the water gently to avoid unsettling the soil. To prevent an accumulation of minerals in the water change 50% of the aquarium water every 2-3 days in the first two weeks. Because the water values are influenced by the source water and by the intervals between the water changes, the softening effect will gradually decrease.

This substrate is heated twice during manufacture to ensure that it stays solid and compact. The loose, grainy structure of this soil not only looks superb, it also provides the perfect home for the microscopic organisms that colonise the bottom of your shrimp tank.

These organisms feed on the food and waste particles that sink into the substrate – digesting the toxins and clarifying the water.
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