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Juwel - Nitrax Nitrate Removal Sponge 6.0

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Product no.: 100-492-240
JUWEL Nitrax is a biological filter medium to break nitrates down in your aquarium. It reduces the growth of algae and promotes the vitality of your plants and fish.

Available In:
Nitrate Removal 3.0 - AED 25
Nitrate Removal 6.0 - AED 37
Nitrate Removal 8.0 - AED 50
Available In:
Nitrate Removal 3.0 - AED 26.25
Nitrate Removal 6.0 - AED 39
Nitrate Removal 8.0 - AED 52.50
JUWEL Nitrax reduces nitrate levels in your aquarium, leading to a considerable reduction in algae growth. Nitrax is a biological filter on the containing specialist microorganisms to break down poisonous metabolites (ammonium/nitrite) in your aquarium, thus reducing the danger of fish mortality. Nitrax also reduces algae growth by anaerobically breaking down nitrate, thus supporting the vitality of your fish.

Characteristics of JUWEL Nitrax

  • Reduces nitrate
  • Promotes plant growth
  • Increases the vitality of your fish
  • Purely biologically active
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