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Kung Fu Kitty

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  • Kung Fu Kitty - Bamboo Crunch Wand
    This Bamboo Crunch Cat Toy is created to imitate real-life prey and may trigger predatory senses of your cat.
  • Kung Fu Kitty - Catnip Kick Wand
    This Kung Fu Kitty Catnip Kick Wand gives your cat a little extra essence with every playful chomp and includes organically grown catnip.
  • Kung Fu Kitty - Crunchy Grasshopper Wand
    The Kung Fu Kitty Crunchy Grasshopper Wand has a peacock eye end that will attract natural "prey" play and colored feathers with tear-resistant crunchy plastic.
  • Kung Fu Kitty - Firecracker Feather Replacement End
    Let the fun explode with the Firecracker Feather Wand!

    Kung Fu Clip Firecracker Feather Wand is created to replicate life-like movements and action to attract "prey" play for your cat.

    King Fu Clip universally connects any Kung Fu Kitty replacement end. Replacement ends sold separately.
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