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  • <B>Kyron - Feli-Vit</B> (250g)
    Essential vitamins and supplements for cats. It contains real liver to make it atttractive to cats, and vitamins and minerals present at levels recommended by leading authorities.

    67.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron - MobiFlex</B> (250g)
    Joint support for small dogs and cats with anti-inflammatory effect.
    Up to 50 days use according to instructions.
    128.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron - Laxapet</B> (50g)
    Highly palatable and effective laxative specially formulated for dogs and cats. Especially effective in the prevention and treatment of hairball impaction in cats.
    24.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron - MobiFlex-LD</B> (250g)
    Joint support for large dogs with anti-inflammatory effect. Stronger solution than MobiFlex intented for larger dogs.

    Daily dose: 5 gram pr. 50 kg dog.

    182.00 AED
  • <B>Pet Nursing Kit</B> (150ml)
    The kit includes a bottle, a cleaning brush and two silicon teats.

    For puppies and larger kittens.
    48.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron - Cani-Cal</B> (250g)
    A palatable calcium supplement for pregnant or lactating bitches and as supplement for puppies to ensure normal growth and bone development.

    Flavoured with real liver for palatability.

    53.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron Cani-Vit</B> (250g)
    CANI-VIT is a complete and comprehensive supplement formulated for dogs.
    Flavoured with real liver for habitability.

    Give daily, mixed in or sprinkled over food
    53.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron - Felisine</B> (60g)
    A palatable paste for cats containing L-Lysine. FELISINE paste for cats offers a new option in managing complications caused by Feline Herpesvirus (FHV-1) infections.
    75.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron - Mirra-Cote w/ BioZinc</B> (200ml)
    Nutritional supplementation of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and other building blocks to keep the skin and coat in great condition and help with skin healing - with Zinc.

    Applicable to: Cats and Dogs

    63.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron - Mirra-Cote</B>
    Nutritional supplementation of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and other building blocks to keep the skin and coat in great condition and help with skin healing.

    Applicable to: Cat, Dog, Horses

    Available in:
    100ml - AED 39
    500ml - AED 95
    2.5L - AED 389
    39.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron - SebbaDerm</B> (250ml)
    Dermatosis shampoo; helps removing scales, crusts and other dermatoses. Relieves itch and leaves the skin clean and the coat soft and clean-smelling.

    For cats and dogs.

    59.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron Pet Dent - Oral Gel</B> (60g)
    Pet Dent Oral Gel is an antibacterial mouth gel specially formulated for keeping dental health in dogs and cats. The palatable gel helps control plaque formation. It inhibits bacteria growth and prevents teeth decay. The oral gel promotes dental hygiene in dogs and cats. The highly palatable mouth gel prevents gum diseases and bad breath.

    Oral gel is safe to use on dogs and cats.

    Ingredients: Chlorhexidine gluconate, Zinc fluconate

    Directions for use: Apply once daily using the finger or a soft-bristled toothbrush. Due to its pleasant flavour most animals will readily accept the gel.
    32.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron Pet Dent - Toothpaste</B> (60g)
    Malt-flavoured dental paste formulated especially for dog and cats, suitable for use in prevention of mouth and gum diseases.

    The toothpaste is also very effective as a treatment for bad breath. Kyrons Toothpaste contains whiteners and a powerful antibacterial agent to keep the mouth healthy and the teeth clean and attractive.
    27.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron - BRIGHTEYE Spray</B> (100ml)
    Buffered isotonic solution for safe, effective removal of tear secretion stains in animals. Will not burn, sting or irritate.

    Can be used for both cats and dogs.
    30.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron - Avert Solution</B> (100ml)
    Bitter solution that discourage pets from chewing, licking and biting the item treated with the solution. Fresh lemon scent.
    For Dogs, cats, birds and horses.
    60.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron - Antezole Deworming Paste</B> (15ml)
    Broadspectrum dewormer for cats and dogs containing praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate and fenbendazole; for treatment of tapeworm, hookworm and roundworm infections.
    Convenient and easy‐to‐use!

    Use as directed: Application: Oral Paste
    Cats up to 9kg - 2ml
    Dogs up to 9kg - 2ml
    Dog 10-20kg - 4ml
    Dogs 21-35kg - 8ml
    Dogs 36-52kg - 11ml
    66.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron - Darrows Solution</B> (250ml)
    Suitable for Birds, Cats, Dogs, Hamster, Horses and Reptiles.
    24.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron - Footsack</B> (200ml)
    Cat and Dog repellent / training aid. Can be used indoor and outdoor.
    Contains 2-undecanone and aromatic oils in an aqueous/alcohol base.
    42.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron - Pheroma Odour Removal Spray</B> (200ml)
    Pheroma Spray is scientifically formulated and patented odour neutraliser for the use on odours of animal origin. Pheroma Spray is very effective against most offensive pet odours (dog, cat and small animals) like urine and faecal odours. It will also counteract other offensive odours like anal gland odours. It is used to eliminate the offensive smell from urine or faecal deposits on carpets, fabrics, furniture and most other surfaces.

    Pheroma Spray is completely harmless, non-toxic and biodegradable.
    59.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron Arnica Ice Cooling Gel</B> (475ml)
    Cooling gel with anti-inflammatory and mild local anaesthetic features.
    38.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron Pheroma - Litter Odour Remover Powder</B> (500g)
    Pet odour remover which can successfully be used on unpleasant smells such as cat urine, anal gland smells, cat litter, vomit, faeces - and even sour milk.
    75.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron - Ultrum Powder</B> (100g)
    Shaker of insecticidal talc based powder - for use as part of a flea control program and safe enough to be used on puppies, kittens, rabbits and birds.

    Also effective against red mites, harvest mites and feather mites.

    Keep away from children - Propoxur is highly toxic

    27.00 AED
  • <B>Kyron Ultrum Plus - Flea & Tick Shampoo</B> (250ml)
    Safe, long-lasting, veterinarian-recommended ULTRUM® Plus Shampoo leaves your dogs coat clean, healthy and free of bugs. The quality formulation ensures that even sensitive skins are caused minimal or no irritation.

    49.00 AED
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