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Lily's Kitchen


Lily's Kitchen's complete and balanced recipes for cats are made with the very best natural, nutritious offal as they can fit in, you cat will adore the taste as much as you will adore their thank you cuddles.
  • <B>Lily's Kitchen - Curious Kitten Complete Dry Food</B> (800g)
    Full of all the nutrients your kitten needs to grow into a healthy, happy cat. With the help of vets, nutritionists and eager kitty taste testers, this is a wonderful, naturally wholesome and delicious recipe for your new fluffball. And it’s all in a smaller kibble for littler mouths.

    Suitable for kittens up to 12 months
  • <B>Lily's Kitchen - Fabulous Fish Complete Dry Food for Cats</B> (800g)
    Your cat will adore the tempting smell and delicious taste of this recipe. Made with 70% freshly prepared and sustainably sourced fish. All round health from healthy herbs, vitamins A, D and E and chelated minerals for optimal absorption

    Suitable for adult cats

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