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LindoCip (1kg)

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Product no.: 100-142-003
Special hygienic litter for birds, containing crushed shells (help digestion, and egg shell forming)

Suitable for all birds.

LindoCip - Birdlitter
Specific litter for birds with double action features.

A very high absorbency feature allow it to absorb liquids quickly and avoids the release of bad smells. Delicate aniseed fragrance which gives the enviroment a pleasant felling of cleanliness and freshness.

Hygienic action
Through high liquids absorbency power, and odour retention.

Contains sea grit
The crushed seashells assist many cagebirds with improved digestion and a supplement when forming egg shell. Recommended for all small birds when breeding (finches, canaries, budgerigars and smaller conures)
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