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Litter Trays

  • <B>EBI - Cage Corner Pet Toilette w/ Mounting Hooks</B> (Front 35cm)
    Litter tray for inside your small pets cage! With plastic mounting hooks for easy attachment. Assorted colours!
  • <B>EBI - Corner Pet Toilette</B> (Front 49cm)
    Assorted colours! Ideal for small animals like kittens and small cats, Rabbits
  • <B>Trixie - Corner toilet with hood</B> (14×8×11/11cm)
    Trixie - Corner toilet with hood , easy care corner toilet made of plastic. Ideal for every hamster cage. The corner toilet makes the cleaning easier, it is hygienic and it saves litter.
  • <B>EBI - Cage Toilette Step in with Entrance</B> (Assorted Colors)
    This plastic corner toilet for rodents with an entrance and -slip feet is the ideal hygienic solution for in the home. Because your little animal learns to do his business in the toilet, the home remains clean for longer.
  • <B>Thunder Paws - Windy High Rim Litter Tray (Dark Grey/Near Black)</B>
    This sturdy plastic cat litter box will guaranteed to fit perfectly with any interior. The tub height is ideal for your four legged pal to jump in and out comfortably. It has a practical protective edge which prevents spills and messes. Your fur baby will have enough space to do her business while your house stays clean. The edge is attached to the lower shell with two clips, that can be easily removed. You can easily clean the cat litter box thoroughly and quickly. It also includes a scoop which can be stowed quickly and easily in the edge of the litter box.
  • <B>Trixie - Corner toilet for guinea pigs & small rabbits</B>
    Corner toilet for small animals like Ferrets, Guinea pigs & small Rabbits.
  • <B>Trixie - Corner toilet for rabbits</B>
    Corner toilet for small animals like Ferrets, Guinea pigs & Rabbits.
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