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Marine Salt

  • <B>ATM - Hot Salt Reef</B>
    ATM - Hot Salt Reef is made of high quality “anhydrous” raw materials that have been constructed without the presence of moisture at all, thus providing a completely moisture-free salt. Along with superior clearing time, ready time, consistency, and least amount of salt necessary to achieve salinity, Hot Salt Reef is simply the best.
    AED149.00 134.10
  • Aqua Medic - Reef Salt
    Aqua Medic Reef Salt is the new formulation specially designed to meet the special needs of coral reef aquariums. It is chemically produced from pure raw/clean ingredients, under continuous quality control, its has high calcium content, pH buffer and is free of chelators, it also contains all essential trace elements plus enhanced levels of Strontium and Iodine that can be dissolve easily without leaving any residue.
    AED30.00 27.00
  • Aqua Medic - Reef Salt Coral (20kg)
    The Reef Salt Coral from Aqua Medic especially made with high quality formulation that is suitable for all modern reef aquarium. This package content is sufficient for the production of 600L aquarium sea water.
    AED280.00 252.00
  • Aqua Medic - Sea Salt (20kg)
    High-quality aquarium sea salt that meets all the requirements of the modern salt mixture. Very light and residue-free soluble, has proven to be excellent in all marine aquariums, comes in a plastic bag.
    AED220.00 198.00
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