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  • <B>API - Aquarium Salt </B>- (16oz)
    API Aquarium Salt is a must have for your aquarium! It is made from evaporated sea salt and promoted fish health by improving function of the gills, which makes it easier to breath. Provides the essential electrolytes that fish require to reach peak vitality and coloration. With every water chance, these electrolytes may get lost, so has to be replenished by using API Aquarium Salt.

    For use in freshwater tanks when starting a new aquarium - and then every time you do a water change. Always take care when using salt in aquariums with live plants - some can be sensitive.

    1 rounded tablespoon for every 5 gallons. Or half teaspoon for every gallon of aquarium water.
  • <B>API - Melafix </B> (8oz)
    API Melafix works to treat infections in fish. This is an all-natural antibacterial treatment.

    Can be used for common bacterial infections such as open wounds and abrasions, eye cloud, tail rot and mouth fungus. API Melafix promotes regrowth of damaged fins and tissue. Can be used at the time of adding a fish to an aquarium to smooth the transition from store to home, and also if an infection is suspected but not diagnosed.

    Product will not adversely affect biological filter, discolor the water, or alter the PH. Safe to use in saltwater, fresh water and reef aquariums, and planted tanks.

    Add 5ml for every 10 gallons of aquarium water. Dose daily for 7 days and then after 7 days, do a 25% water change.
  • <B>API - Pimafix </B> (8oz)
    With a proven natural antifungal formula derived from the West Indian Bay Tree - API Pimafix is an antifungal, all natural remedy for fish fungal infections. It rapidly treats cottony growth, body fungus, mouth and the reddening of fins and body, and also both internal and external bacterial infections.

    Will not adversely alter PH, affect the biological filter, or discolour the water - it has been formulated to be used in conjunction with API Melafix to be effective against fish diseases.

    Add 5ml for every 10 gallons of aquarium water. Dose daily for 7 days then after 7 days, make a 25% water change.
  • <B>API - T.C. Tetracycline Powder</B>
    API Tetracycline is medication for common tropical fish diseases. This includes bacterial tail rot, gill disease and cotton mouth fungus. This anti-bacterial medication is ideal for use in freshwater aquariums and will not harm the biological filter.

    Note: Will cause slight discolouration of the water which can be taken care of with activated carbon.
  • <B>API - Triple Sulfa Powder</B>
    Powdered formula of 3 sulfa medications to treat bacterial infections such as bacteria gill disease, fin and tail rot, hemorrhagic septicemia (blood streaks in fins and body an localised swelling), cotton mouth disease, body slime and eye cloud for both freshwater and salt water fish.

    Triple Sulfa will not harm the biological filter and will not change colour of the aquarium.
  • <B>ATM - Agent Green</B> (4oz)
    ATM Products are all designed for maximum performance and efficiency,ATM - Agent Green is nothing different.

    Utilizing lanthanum chloride,Agent Green acts as an on exchanger and uses calcium to bind phosphate in to insoluble beads.This is important because the phosphate will not dissolve back into the water while waiting to be swept out by filtration. This formula is relied upon by numerous public and private aquariums to keep their systems clear and free of nuisances associated with high phosphate levels.
  • <B>ATM - Triage First Response</B>
    ATM - Triage First Response leaps into action to address the emergency removal of Ammonia toxicity in situations such as bio-filtration stalls or failures, power outages or any other instance which results in accumulation of unwanted toxic nitrogenous compounds.Ammonia is typically the compound that accumulates in bio-filtration failure, ATM Triage First Response works with a priority toward ammonia first.

    As ammonia disappears, ATM Triage First Response kicks into it's secondary function by helping limit the toxic effects of nitrite.While ATM Triage First Response works toward detoxifying the environment, it also reduces stress through mucoprotein slime coat support.

  • <B>JBL Ektol Cristal</B> (80g)
    Against parasites & fungal infections.
  • <B>JBL Gyrodol Plus</B> (100ml)

    A remedy against gill flukes (Dactylogyrus), skin worms (Gyrodactylus) and tapeworms (Cestodae) in aquarium fish of the categories of carp-like fish, bass-like fish, catfish-like fish and toothcarp in fresh water or salt water.
  • <B>JBL Proharu Rapid</B> (20g)
    JBL Proharu Rapid is a gelatinous adhesive, which hardens within a few seconds. It is ideally suited for bonding moss and epiphytes to create underwater landscapes. It is also suitable for the easy bonding of coral fragments and smaller decorative objects. JBL Pro Haru Rapid is applied outside the water and completely hardens under water. No damages is done to living tissue.
  • <B>N.T. Labs - Aquarium Ammonia Remover</B>  (180g)
    N.T. Labs - Aquarium Ammonia Remover is a specially selected premium grade zeolite based product with a massive surface area to allow rapid adsorption of ammonia which is highly toxic to fish. This product is used ideally after a filter clean or after adding a number of new fish to the existing population.

    A suitably sized filter media bag is included for ease of use. Simply add the required amount of media to the filter bag, rinse under the tap and add to your filter.

  • <B>N.T. Labs - Aquarium Phosphate Remover</B>  (180g)
    N.T. Labs - Aquarium Phosphate Remover covers a commonly overlooked area of aquarium keeping. Reduce the amount of phosphate in your aquarium and you will help inhibit the amount of Algae growth.

    NT Labs Phosphate Remover permanently removes phosphate locking it away and starving the Algae of its food source. A suitably sized filter media bag is included for ease of use. Simply add the required amount of media to the filter bag, rinse under the tap and add to your filter.

  • <B>Seachem Cupramine</B>
    Effectively eradicates Oodinium, Cryptocaryon, Amyloodinium, Ichthyophthirius, and other ectoparasites of both freshwater and marine fish. Removable with carbon

    Available in:
    100 ml - AED 48
    250ml - AED 95
    500ml - AED 185
  • <B>Seachem ParaGuard </B>
    ParaGuard™ is the only fish and filter safe aldehyde based (10% by weight) parasite control product available.

    Available In:
    100ml - AED 35
    500ml - AED 79
    2liter - AED 275
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