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  • <B>JBL Aradol Plus 250</B> (100ml)

    Against worms, carp lice, anchor worm and other parasites
  • <B>JBL Ektol Cristal</B> (80g)
    Against parasites & fungal infections.
  • <B>JBL Ektol Fluid Plus 250</B> (100ml)

    Rapid treatment of fin rot and other external bacterial infections. Successfully prevents secondary bacterial infections.
  • <B>JBL Fungol Plus 250</B> (2x100ml)
    For treatment of fungal infections in freshwater. Best used in combination with JBL Ektol Cristal to also remove the fungal hyphae (similar to roots). (1/2 dose)

    The visible portion of the fungus is combated by Fungol, whilst JBL Ektol Cristal ensures that the fish's mucous membranes into which the fungal hyphae have penetrated are renewed.
  • <B>JBL Gyrodol Plus</B> (100ml)

    A remedy against gill flukes (Dactylogyrus), skin worms (Gyrodactylus) and tapeworms (Cestodae) in aquarium fish of the categories of carp-like fish, bass-like fish, catfish-like fish and toothcarp in fresh water or salt water.
  • <B>JBL Oodinol plus 250l</B> (100ml)
    Acts against dinoflagellates of the oodinium group by increasing the copper content to 0.3 mg/l. Combats all kinds of oodinium parasites in fresh and salt water.
  • <B>JBL Proharu Rapid</B> (20g)
    JBL Proharu Rapid is a gelatinous adhesive, which hardens within a few seconds. It is ideally suited for bonding moss and epiphytes to create underwater landscapes. It is also suitable for the easy bonding of coral fragments and smaller decorative objects. JBL Pro Haru Rapid is applied outside the water and completely hardens under water. No damages is done to living tissue.
  • <B>JBL Punktol Plus 125</B> (100ml)

    Tor treatment of whitespot and other ectoparasites
  • <B>Joes Juice</B> (20ml)
    Joe's Juice Aiptasia Solution is preferred by professional marine aquarists and hobbyists worldwide. Safe, effective and easy-to-use aiptasia solution is reef safe and delivers results in minutes.
  • <B>N.T. Labs - Aquarium 6 General Tonic</B> (1L)
    Helps Prevent Fish Diseases.

    Disease causing pathogens will be present in most aquariums although at low enough levels for fish not to show any symptoms. General Tonic helps to keep these pathogens under control to ensure your fish stay healthy.

    When introducing new fish to your aquarium General tonic can be used to help prevent the risk of disease transmission and also to disinfect live foods to prevent the introduction of disease. Harmless to filter bacteria and all species of fish and plants. Poor water quality can be the primary cause of stress and disease in fish. Suitable for tropical and coldwater aquariums.

  • <B>N.T. Labs - Aquarium Ammonia Remover</B>  (180g)
    N.T. Labs - Aquarium Ammonia Remover is a specially selected premium grade zeolite based product with a massive surface area to allow rapid adsorption of ammonia which is highly toxic to fish. This product is used ideally after a filter clean or after adding a number of new fish to the existing population.

    A suitably sized filter media bag is included for ease of use. Simply add the required amount of media to the filter bag, rinse under the tap and add to your filter.

  • <B>N.T. Labs - Aquarium Phosphate Remover</B>  (180g)
    N.T. Labs - Aquarium Phosphate Remover covers a commonly overlooked area of aquarium keeping. Reduce the amount of phosphate in your aquarium and you will help inhibit the amount of Algae growth.

    NT Labs Phosphate Remover permanently removes phosphate locking it away and starving the Algae of its food source. A suitably sized filter media bag is included for ease of use. Simply add the required amount of media to the filter bag, rinse under the tap and add to your filter.

  • <B>Seachem Cupramine</B>
    Effectively eradicates Oodinium, Cryptocaryon, Amyloodinium, Ichthyophthirius, and other ectoparasites of both freshwater and marine fish. Removable with carbon

    Available in:
    100 ml - AED 48
    250ml - AED 95
    500ml - AED 185
  • <B>Seachem ParaGuard </B>
    ParaGuard™ is the only fish and filter safe aldehyde based (10% by weight) parasite control product available.

    Available In:
    100ml - AED 35
    500ml - AED 79
    2liter - AED 275
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