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Medium Scratch


Cats love to keep their claws strong, so our selection of medium cat scratching furniture is the ideal addition to your home if you want to save your own furniture! Choose the one you and your cat like!
  • <B>EBI - Comfort Oslo</B> (Grey)
    The Oslo scratching post tower is consists of a cat house and two platforms. This functional scratching post is a really comfortable place for your cat with it's high quality, and luxurious fabrics. It has two removable and washable cushions and a bed which is attached with a velcro tape making sure your cat will always have a clean and lovely place to hang out. The post are covered with a high quality sisal. There are also two toy mice your cat can play with which will add extra fun and will encourage your lovely pet to scratch. This is a must have to every home with a cat.
  • <B>EBI - Trend Rockefeller Castle</B> (Chocolate Brown)
    A quality scratcher is necessary for your cat so they can take care of their nails and mark their territory. This scratching tree has a natural and very robust fibre that would help your cat remove the flaky top layer of their nails, preventing ingrowing nails. This cat furniture is a must have for every cat, with it's innovative rectangular design, extra heavy, solid finish and sturdy appearance. It even have a removable nice soft cushion for your beloved felines.
  • <B>EBI - Classic Bengal</B> (Black)
    Hight 99cm. Simple and sturdy design makes this cat tree good value for money.
  • <B>EBI - Classic Ceylan</B> (Black)
    Hight 108cm. Simple and sturdy design with lookout area, hide and poles.
  • <B>EBI - Jaguar</B> (Cream)
    Height: 109cm. The scratching tree EBI - Jaguar is characterized by the high quality and the use of the best materials. The scratching tree has sisal posts and bonded sisal winding.The plush-related areas are glued over the entire surface. The scratching tree has a total height of 109cm and has a base plate of 35x35cm.

    The scratching tree has a large box that is covered with plush on the inside. It also has two tubes for your cat to sleep and relax
  • <B>Trixie - Climbing Step for Wall Fixation</B>
    Ideal to expand existing trees with or make a wallmount tree with.

    Product features:
    - With plush cover and sisal scratching surface
    - Also suitable for supplementing existing scratching furniture
    - Rear side covered with plush
    - Colour: Cream
  • <B>Trixie - Hammock for Walls Mounting</B>
    Extend your cat furniture collection with this hammock and give your a pet a little taste of variety - simply either mount in on the wall or create a whole new, exciting sleep / chilling station.

    The platform/hammock is completely covered in plush and additional flaps cover the mounting screws.
  • <B>Trixie - Neo Scratching Post</B> (Cream/Grey)
    Classic cat pole with cave cat tree spiced up with stripes in the sisal and contrast colours.

  • <B>Trixie - Susana Scratching Post </B> (H: 90cm)
    The Trixie Susana Cat Tree will provide endless opportunities for cats to play, explore, scratch or just relax. Felines can sharpen their claws on the durable sisal wrapped scratching surfaces instead of on your furniture or carpet, giving them a healthy outlet for their scratching instincts.
    Spunky cats can jump, climb or perch atop the ultra-soft condo platform with removable cushion.

    Floor area: 54 × 44 cm
    Post: ø9 cm
    Height: 90 cm
  • <B>Trixie - Gandia Scratching Post</B> (H:68cm)
    Brand new cat scratch post from Trixie with long-haired plush cover posts wrapped in natural sisal with rustling tunnel.

  • <B>Trixie - Cat Box For Shelves</B> (Light Grey)
    Mix and match with IKEA - Suitable for e.g. IKEA Kallax or Expedit shelves. With plush cover and cushion.

    Cushion cover: machine washable up to 30 °C/inner cushion: washable by hand
  • <B>Trixie - Edoardo Cat Tower </B> (100cm)
    Cats can sharpen their claws on nearly every inch of the durable sisal exterior of Trixie's 4-Story Edoardo Cat Tower. If a nap or a place to hide is in order, the cat can crawl inside the multi-level kitty condo through one of four plush openings.

    Dimensions: 15.75 inches wide x 15.75 inches’ deep x 39.25 inches’ high

    Cleaning instructions: Wipe away any messes with a damp cloth

  • <B>Trixie - Emil Senior/Kitten Post</B> (H:96cm)
    Small sets of steps that makes it ideal for kittens and senior to move around on, to a find a high spot without risking fall from heights with climbing.
  • <B>Trixie - Jorge Cat Tower</B> (78cm)
    Hang out post for cats. Different structures to keep the cats interested. Trixie Jorge Cat Tower comes with woven fabric/plush cover and sisal scratching surfaces, with 2 storeys, fitted with plush.

    Cushion cover is machine washable up to 30 °C and inner cushion is washable by hand. Comes in light grey/anthracite colour
  • <B>Trixie - Leona Wooden Scracthing Post</B> (H:70cm)
    Made of laminated MDF board with sisal scratching surface.

    Note: This item requires assembly
  • <B>Trixie - Malaga Scratching Tree</B> (H:109cm)
    Your cats love to run, jump and play. Give them a fun playground all to their own with the Trixie Malaga Cat Tree in Anthracite.
  • <B>Trixie - Valencia Cat Post</B> (H:71cm)
    Mini tower with 2 poles, 2 platforms - double the fun - ideal for kittens if you have more than 1.
  • <B>Fauna - Almerich Cat Tower</B> (H:121cm)
    Tall cat tree with cave. With stair to the hide. Ideal for kitten and seniors due to low height between the items.

    Note: This item requires assembly.
  • <B>Fauna - Anapaula Cat Post</B> (H:100cm)
    Compact cat tree with cave. Ideal for household with 1-2 cats.

    Note: This item requires assembly.
  • <B>Fauna - Camila Cat Post</B> (H:105cm)
    Wide cat tree with cave. Ideal for kittens due to the bed and hole size.

    Note: This item requires assembly.
  • <B>Fauna - Mateus Blue Cat Tree</B> (H:153cm)
    Blue cat pole in design with lots of lookout spots and resting areas.

    Note: This item requires assembly.
  • <B>Fauna - Sagrada Cat Post - Blue</B> (H:128cm)
    Compact cat tree with house. Ideal for household with several cats.

    Product features:
    - Compact size
    - Multiple rest areas
    - Lookout places in several hights

  • <B>Fauna - Sagrada Cat Post - Brown</B> (H:128cm)
    Compact cat tree with house. Ideal for household with several cats.

    Product features:
    - Compact size
    - Multiple rest areas
    - Lookout places in several hights
  • <B>Fauna - Vitor Cat Post</B> (125cm)
    The Fauna scratchers help to relieve stress and boredom for cats and enable them to stretch and scratch which are both very important behaviours. Scratchers are thus offering an alternative to curtains, sofas and other household furniture. Our scratches are wrapped in hardwearing sisal rope that also helps to remove the outer shell of cat’s claws and will be more durable than cheaper, commonly used alternatives.

    Note: This item requires assembly.
  • <B>Vesper - Premium Cat Furniture V-Base</B> (Walnut)
    Cat furniture in Walnut like wood-finished laminated MDF. With durable seaweed scratching poles and soft memory foam cushion. Wood-finish with water-based lacquer.
  • <B>Vesper - Premium Cat Furniture V-Double</B> (Black)
    The V-Double has two caves and is ideal for 2 or more cats. Its multi-level design provides a space to rest as well as offers the opportunity to climb, jump and play. Cat furniture in Wood-finished laminated MDF. With durable seaweed scratching poles and soft memory foam cushion. Wood-finish with water-based lacquer.

    Color: Black
  • <B>Vesper - Premium Cat Furniture V-High</B> (Walnut)
    The V-High Base is an eye-catcher thanks to its height – it is an observation deck as well as a place to rest in one. It has tall and slim scratching poles that encourage extensive scratching in an elongated posture. The cube cave with rear exit provides a cozy space for a nap.

    Product feature:
    - Durable seaweed scratching poles
    - High-quality MDF
    - Wood-finished laminate with water-based lacquer
  • <B>Vesper - Premium Cat Furniture V-Tower</B> (Black)
    A stunning piece of scratching furniture for cats, the V-Tower provides an enticing multi-level world for curious cats. It has two cube caves and one tunnel cave for playing or resting. Large scratching mats ensure hours of scratching fun.

    Product feature:
    - Durable seaweed scratching poles
    - High-quality MDF
    - Wood-finished laminate with water-based lacquer
  • <B>Catry - Black/White Kitty Cat Tree</B>
    A simple and sturdy yet fashionable looking cat tower for your beloved felines. It's made of iron recycled paper polyester which is safe for your cats to scratch on. It has 1 lantern type cat house and 3 comfortable beds, your cat will surely can relax.
  • <B>EBI - Classic Bengal</B> (Light Gray)
    Hight 99cm. Sturdy cat tree that will please most cats in terms of lookout, bed, hide and claw trimming.
  • <B>Go Pet Club - Model F12</B> (H: 71cm)
    Cat mansion in leopard colored flux fur. Medium sized cat tree with bed in the top. Sturdy base with several beds and sisal poles for claw trimming. Please note that toys might come of during play.

    Easy to assemble with step by step instruction and tools included. Assembly NOT included.
  • <B>Trixie - Spare Post</B> (9/50 cm)
    Building your own design or just renewing a existing cat scratching tree?
  • Trixie - Ava Scratching Post (H:86cm)
    Sturdy cat post with thick trunk.

    This cat post is made with plush cover and sisal scratching surface. The post wrapped in jute and the 2 caves are completely fitted with plush and equipped with reversible cushions that are washable by hand. Please note the toy on string will come of during ruff play.
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