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Mice & alike


These mice are ideal toys for your cat! Cats will chase the mice - and some of the toy you can sprinkle catnip on it. Your cat can play with it by itself or you can entertain it!
  • <B>Trixie - Plush Mouse With Bell</B>
    Ideal to stimulates the cat's natural hunting instinct.
  • <B>Trixie - Plush Mouse</B> (11cm)
    The ideal toy for dogs from Trixie is fun without end for your pet. A funny Trixie Plush Mouse designed to hold all your pet games and keep them entertaining and shaped.
  • <B>Trixie - Plush Squeaky Mice</B> (6cm)
    Ideal to stimulates the cat's natural hunting instinct.
  • <B>Trixie - Running Mini Mouse</B> (5.5cm)
    Great fun for your kitty providing physical and mental stimulation
  • <B>Trixie - Toy Mice</B> (5cm)
    Trixie -Toy Mice has been specially designed to keep your cat entertained for hours,Mice shaped wrapped in cotton yarn and bast.
  • <B>Trixie Plush Chicken with Sound</B> (8cm)
    Contains invigorating catnip extracts that stimulates playful behavior with sound and made from plush with feathers
  • <B>Pawise - Butterfly Cat Toy</B>
    This Pawise Butterfly Cat Toy is produced from high quality raw materials and have a high durable structure. This product is of CE assurance and quality, which is 100% harmless to animal health because it does not make chemical oscillation. Your cat will surely enjoy playing with this toy for hours as it is also stuffed with catnip inside.
  • <B>Petstages - Corrugate Feather Fish</B>
    This splendid and lovely pink Feather Fish has a corrugated paper in its body which helps keep up your kitty's nail health while they play.

    It's ideal for rubbing, nuzzling and grooming with its soft plush body. This Scratch toy will help your cat scratch, mark its territory, exercise and flex their feet and claws while keeping their nails healthy by removing the dead outer layer.
  • <B>Petstages - Glow Snail</B>
    This glow in the dark fun cat toy engages with your felines inborn impulses to chase, swat and pounce. Its a quiet toy which is very ideal for nighttime play.
  • Gigwi - Bee Melody Chaser w/ Motion Activated Sound Chip
    This Gigwi Bee Melody Chaser w/ Motion Activated Sound Chip is an all set toy to take your cat's play session to the next level. This toy is made with plush material and has a realistic sound of a bee. Since felines are a natural hunter it would be ideal to give them a toy they can see as a prey and this Bee fits the bill perfectly.
  • Gigwi - Melody Tube Chaser Coon w/ Sound Chip
    Release your feline's chasing impulses and its desire to play with the GiGwi Melody Tube Chaser Coon. It is intended for the most inquisitive felines that can't sit in one spot and dependably need to find something new. This toy has a sound chip hidden inside the tube. It also has a natural feather fixed on a string so your kitties can invest long stretches of fun trying to take it out. The Tube is always rolling making the whole playing process all the more energizing and fun to watch.
  • Gigwi - Mouse Melody Chaser w/ Motion Activated Sound Chip
    The GiGwi Melody Chaser cat toys produces real sounds once activated. They satisfy the hunting instinct of cats and keep them active and lurking. These toys are perfect for indoor interative games.

    This Mouse Melody Chaser toy is designed to satisfy your cats natural chasing skills. It is a very ideal toy for setting off their hunting impulses. It has a clever motion-activated sound chip that responds to even the slightest touch that will surely kicks your cat senses for hours of entertainment and unending fun.
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