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  • Midwest - Double Door Life Stages Dog Crate
    Equipped with practically every feature necessary for housebreaking and housing your dog, these collapsible dog crates make it convenient for you to give your dog the proper care he deserves.

    Available In:
    18" Toybreed
    22" Xsmall
    24" Small
    30" Medium
    36" Intermediate
    42" Large
    48" Xlarge

  • Midwest - Exercise Pen w/MAXLock Door
    LifeStages Exercise Pens ensure your pet's safety during playtime whether indoors or out. Offering large door providing the convenience of a step-through door and the security of the MAXLock Door System. Panes

  • <B>Midwest - Cat Playpen Collapsible</B>
    Ideal crate for recovering felines or when rest is needed for a particular feline, from the rest of the busy home. Also ideal if you are having someone to look after your feline in their place.
  • <B>Midwest - Coco Chic Deluxe Pet Bed</B>
    The ultra soft taupe to mocha polyester cover provides your pet with comfort for all seasons and it is still neutral enough to coordinate with almost any decor!

    Available in:
    24"x17" (61x43cm)
    30"x20" (76x51cm)
    36"x23" (91x58cm)
    42"x27" (106x68cm)
    48"x29" (122x73cm)

    24"x17" (61x43cm) - fits Small to medium breeds
    30"x 20" (76x51cm) - fits medium breeds
    36"x23" (91x58cm) - fits medium to large breeds
    42"x27" (106x68cm) - fits large breeds
    48"x29" (122x73cm) - fits large to giant breeds
  • <B>Midwest - Ombre Mocha Swirl Fur Pet Bed</B>
    The ultra soft polyester cover provides your pet with comfort for all seasons and it is still neutral enough to coordinate with almost any decor!

    Available in:
    18"x 11" (45x27cm)
    22"x 12" (55x30cm)
    24"x 17" (61x43cm)
    30"x 20" (76x51cm)
    36"x 23" (91x58cm)
    42"x 27" (106x68cm)
    48"x 29" (122x73cm)

    Toybreed: 18"x 11" (45x27cm)
    Xsmall: 22"x 12" (55x30cm)
    Small: 24"x 17" (61x43cm)
    Medium: 30"x 20" (76x51cm)
    Intermediate: 36"x 23" (91x58cm)
    Large: 42"x 27" (106x68cm)
    Xlarge: 48"x 29" (122x73cm)
  • <B>Midwest - Paw Print Reversible Fleece Stuffed Bed</B>
    Ultra-soft Synthetic Fur on one side and on the other a Ultra-Plush Synthetis Sheep Skin.

    Available in:
    18" x 11" - AED 91
    22" x 12" - AED 111
    24" x 17" - AED 130
    30" x 20" - AED 170
    36" x 23" - AED 220
    42" x 27" - AED 280
    48" x 29" - AED 350
    54" x 34" - AED 440
  • <B>Midwest - Snap’y Fit Water & Feed Bowl</B>
    There are many stainless steel bowls on the market, but none like the Snap'y Fit Bowls! The Snap'y Fit patented system holds the bowl firmly in place and yet, allows easy removal.

  • <B>Midwest Extension for Steel Pet Gate</B>
    Extension for Midwest Steel Pet Gates. Comes in 6" or 11" in White or Graphite. Can be added to Midwest Steel Pet Gates to fit an entry with a max. 54inches.
  • <B>Midwest Steel Pet Gate - Glow in the Dark</B>
    Attractive and sturdy gates offer a convenient way to keep your pet in a safe place. Designed to keep your pet in a designated room or out of a certain space in your home. Keeping your pet secure, calm and comfortable.

    Quick and easy to install, no tools required, has four individual adjustable tension knobs that create a pressure mount within entry ways and door ways that you can depend on being secure and stable.
  • Midwest - Curious Cat Cube (Brown)
    Brown faux suede and fleece cat condo that features two hanging jingle balls to promote play, a fun cat hide-out and a comfortable cushioned top.
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