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  • <B>Mikki - Disposable Pads</B> (10pc)
    Easy to use liners together with hygiene pants for bitches in heat.

    10 Disposal pads

  • <B>Mikki - Nylon Muzzle</B>
    Prevents your dog from biting and chewing while still allowing drinking and panting. Easy to adjust. Nylon Muzzles are designed for short term use only and should not be used during hard exercise or be over tightened, as this could interfere with your dog’s natural cooling system and/or cause discomfort. If your dog is aggressive and unpredictable it is advisable to seek professional help and advice.

    Fits from Beagles, Spaniels to Rottweiler and Boxers. 10 sizes to choose among!
  • <B>Mikki - Pup-Pee Training Pads</B> (30pack)
    With unique color changing technology that identifies when the pad needs to be replaced and are treated with an attractant so the puppy knows where to go.

    Size: 56 x 58 cm - With color-change technology .
  • <B>Mikki Pup-Pee Training Pads</B> (100pack)
    56 x 58cm - Housebreaking the easy way!
  • <B>Mikki - Two Door Crate</B>
    Anti rust and durable construction to provide a long-lasting and safe habitat for your pet.
    Folds down for easy transportation and storage. 2-door metal cage.

    Available in:
    XSmall AED 265
    Small AED 310
    Medium AED 405
    Large AED 505
    X-Large AED 570
  • <B>Mikki - WalkRite Anti-Pull Harness</B>
    Prevent your dog from pulling and enable you to keep control the kind way.

    Available in:
    Small - AED 72
    Medium - AED 82
    Large - AED 87
    X-Large - AED 92
  • <B>Mikki - Calm Cat Muzzle</B> (Black)
    Muzzle for cats from Mikki, which ideally can be used during grooming at vet visits. Easy to put on, with a quick-fit snap lock.

    Color: Black

    Comes in 2 different sizes to fit almost all cats.Comes in 2 sizes:
    - Small: Smaller cats including most oriental and foreign short hairs.
    - Large: Larger cats including British short hairs, Burmese and long haired cats.
  • <B>Mikki - Pill Gun For Dogs & Cats</B>
    The Mikki Pill Gun makes giving your pet medicine super quick and super easy! Better for everyone involved!
  • <B>Mikki - Puppy Training Kit</B>
    Kit to assist you in basic puppy training (like sit, down, come and heel)

  • <B>Mikki - Dog Boot</B> (1pc)
    The Mikki Dog Boot helps keep dressing clean & dry and prevent infection. It is easy fit with elasticized support straps & Velcro fastening. The reinforced non-slip sole for extra grip. The dog boot sizes allow for a dressing to be worn.

    7 sizes:

    Prices from: 55AED to 60AED
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