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Nano Accessories


Choose from our selection of Nano accessories - we stock Filter media, Algae scraper, cleaning cloth, skimmer and many other things!
  • <B>Dymax - Filter Media Set for IQ3 & IQ5</B>
    Maintaining water quality is essential, but given a chance to upgrade could provide a even better living environment for all living things in your aquarium. The 3 in 1 IQ Media combines the mechanical, chemical and biological filtration for the filtering system.

  • <B>Dymax - Mini Algae Scraper</B> (Set)
    For IQ3/IQ5 Aquarium. 1 Scraper and 3 sponges.
  • <B>Dymax - Synthetic Cleaning Cloth</B>
    It is always nice to feel and touch an aquarium leaving a the hand prints on the surface. To clean this, cloth and paper are often used causing some cotton hairs or even scratch marks on the surface of the aquarium. To avoid these, the Dymax synthetic cleaning cloth is recommended to obtain fast cleaning effect without causing any damage or even water marks on the aquarium surface.

    High performance polishing cloth from Dymax.
  • <B>Dymax - Lid for IQ3</B>
    Designed to prevent fish from jumping out of the aquarium, reduce evaporation of water and to prevent light from getting wet due to splashing water.
  • <B>Dymax - Polishing Paste for IQ3/IQ5 Aquarium</B>
    Polishing paste with cloth included, for repair of acrylic scratches.
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