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Ocean Free

  • <B>Ocean Free - Vultron 1500 AirPump</B>
    The Vultron is one of the most advanced air pumps available on the market today and leaves nothing else to buy by including the the normally "option extras" of airline, check valve and diffuser.
    AED63.00 56.70
  • <B>Ocean Free - Vultron 4000 AirPump</B>
    The Vultron series high efficiency air pump provides optimum aeration to your aquarium and pond, effectively increasing dissolved oxygen level, keeping your fish healthy and lively.
    AED85.00 76.50
  • <B>Ocean Free Nano Marine 4 - Black</B> (37.46W/63L)
    - Specially for a Marine setup.
    - Smart back filter system that features a specially designed surface skimmer that removes organic surface film to improve light penetration and oxygen exchange.
    - Low energy consumption.
    - Removable filter medium cartridges in back filter for easy maintenance.
    - Removable Nano protein skimmer for superior water quality.
    - Durable glass with increased scratch resistance.
    - Extendable LED Lamp (Marine) for a stunning ripple effects.
    - Dual light modes that recreate the daytime and moonlight conditions of nature.
    - Featuring new OF ‘x’ LED that provides superior full color spectrum rendering.
    AED1,050.00 945.00
  • <B>OF Pro Monster fishes SM SA-G1</B>
    SA-G1 Monster Fishes Carnivore food is the latest technological breakthrough In fish nutrition for big predatory fish. Predatory fish have very high protein and calcium intake demand especially when they are at the Juvenile stage due to the evolutionary requirement to grow rapidly when young in order not to be eaten by other predators.
    AED89.00 80.10
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