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Ocean Nutrition - Frozen Formula One (100g)

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Product no.: 100-522-131

Ocean Nutrition's Frozen Formula One is a natural, gourmet diet that contains a variety of fresh seafood, garlic and softly binded soluble micronutrients such as vitamins, immunostimulants, carotenoids and attractive natural flavours. This frozen food is best for carnivorous/omnivorous marine tropicals (like f.e. basslets, butterflyfish, cardinals, wrasses, lionfish, etc.).
Ingredients - Fish fillets, marine shrimp, adult brine shrimp, marine fish eggs, clams, squid, mussels, red plancton (calanus), krill pacifica, garlic, vitamins (retinol (vit A), cholecalciferol (vit D3), tocopherol acetate (vit E), menadione (vit K3), thiamine mononitrate (vit B1), riboflavin (vit B2), pantothenic acid (vit B5), pyridoxine (vit B6), cobalamin (vit B12), L-ascorbic acid phosphate (vit C), niacin (vit B3), biotin (vit H), choline (vit B4), inositol (vit B8), folic acid (vit B11)), carotenoid pigments, minerals.

Guaranteed analysis:
- Protein: 10.10 %
- Fiber: 0.03 %
- Fat: 1.40 %
- Ash: 1.20 %
- Moisture: 86.00 %
Instructions for use:
- Push out the required amount of cubes into a recipient.
- Let them defrost, without water, at room temperature during minimum 10 to 15 minutes before feeding.
- Your fish should be fed 2 to 5 times a day, only feed the amount that the fish will consume within 5 minutes.
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