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On Lead Training


Dogs have to be taught to walk nicely on leash. They are not born knowing that they should not pull or lag behind. Teaching leash manners can be challenging because dogs move faster than humans - Find on lead training gear at Dubai petfood. 
  • <B>Trixie - Red Tracking Leash</B>
    High-quality nylon strap for dog training, e.g. when training requires distance.

    Comes in:
    Small : 5 m/ø 5 mm
    Medium : 10 m/ø 5 mm
    Large : 15 m/ø 5 mm
  • <B>Trixie - Top Trainer Head Collar</B>
    Gentle leader for dogs in training. The top trainer will assist you you in problem with the dog pulls in its own direction and pull off when it spots something interesting. Using dogs own way of commands, by applying pressure on the right spots.

    Available in:
    Xsmall - AED 40
    Small - AED 40
    Medium - AED 45
    Large - AED 50
    L-XL - AED 55
    Xlarge - AED 60
    XL Shortnose - AED 60
  • <B>Trixie - EasyWalk Basic Training Harness</B>
    Anti-pull harness that encourages ’heel’ walking. Lead not included, but the set can be attached to any fixed lead or retractable lead with lock function. The design stops you dog from pulling and enable you to stay in control without pulling. The idea behind the design is that if the dogs pulls then pressure the dog makes on the lead will be transferred back to the dog, leading the head of the dog towards the grown. The more the dogs pulls the closer to the grown the head comes and dog natural response to that is to lower the pace and stop pulling.

  • <B>Trixie - Stainless Steel Choker-chain</B>
    Basic training collar for the experienced dog owner or dog trainer. 2.5mm width.
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