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Orijen Dry Cat Food

Cat Supplies - Dry food for cats - Orijen Dry Cat Food

Their award winning biologically appropriate nutritional philosophy represents a new class of foods, designed to nourish cats according to their evolutionary adaptation to fresh meat and protein-rich diets.
The ingredients are different too. They focus on local ingredients that are sustainably raised, passed 'fit for human consumption' and then delivered to their kitchens fresh, every day!
  • <B>Orijen - Cat & Kitten</B> (1.8kg)
    Made with cage-free chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish and nest-laid eggs. A low-carbohydrate, low-glycemic formula supports healthy blood sugars for peak health and optimal body weight.
  • <B>Orijen - Fit & Trim for cats</B> (1.8kg)
    Made from fresh free-run chicken and turkey, nest-laid eggs and wild-caught fish. formulated to promote peak body condition, based on a protein-rich diet with moderate fat and limited carbohydrates.
  • <B>Orijen - Six Fish Cat Formula</B> (5.4kg)
    Single source diet for cats. Based on fish, this grain-free, low carbohydrate content, is suitable for cats with allergies and food intolerances.
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