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Other Aquariums

  • <B>Cleair - CAD-2000 White</B> (667L)
    - Glass Aquarium
    - Sump filter in the cabinet
    - LED light with LCD Board
    - Against the wall, one sides view,with blue sky background paper in the tank

  • <B>Cleair - LSCZ-A-1600 Black</B> (795L)
    - Acrylic Aquarium
    - LED light with LCD board
    - Back filter in the tank
    - Against the wall, one sides view
  • Dymax - IQ9 Mini Drop Off Acrylic Freshwater Aquarium (450X450X220mm)
    The new IQ9 is an 48L(12 gallons) drop off mini aquarium made of 5mm rimless ultra-clear low iron glass with all sides chamfered. this product has a 2 tier scaping zones equipped with a sliding sump filtration system powered by a 500L/h return pump together with 3 stage filtering materials included. To make the product more interesting, the sump is designed to slide for maintenance even during operation without shutting down the return pump.

    IQ9 is developed for freshwater and marine aquarium therefore this product is build with a protein skimmer attachment option for marine and reef keeping purpose.
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