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Other Aquariums

  • <B>Cleair - CAD-2000 White</B> (667L)
    - Glass Aquarium
    - Sump filter in the cabinet
    - LED light with LCD Board
    - Against the wall, one sides view,with blue sky background paper in the tank

  • <B>Cleair - CCD-LZ-1500 White</B> (641L)
    - Glass Aquarium, Ultra clear glass
    - Light hood is supported, LED light
    - Sump filter in the cabinet
    - OLED board
    - Against the wall, one sides view

  • <B>Cleair - LSCZ-A-1600 Black</B> (795L)
    - Acrylic Aquarium
    - LED light with LCD board
    - Back filter in the tank
    - Against the wall, one sides view
  • <B>Interpet - Kids Glow Aquarium</B> (16L)
    Interpet - Kids Glow Aquarium is a fun glow-in-the-dark aquarium which can also be drawn on with the special Kids Glow Pen included in the aquarium kit. It's not all fun, fun, fun though. The five-stage filter, blue and white LED lights will keep your fish and plants healthy and happy.

    Ideal for introducing kids to fishkeeping and keeping them involved. The high specification equipment means a healthy and happy aquarium environment.
  • Marina - Betta EZ Care Style (3.78L)
    No Mess, No Stress Maintenance Solution!
    No need to get your hands wet; disturb your Betta or disrupt your aqurium decor. Simply add clean water, and the EZ Care self-cleaning feature does the rest.
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