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Here you can find aquarium lighting from brands as H2Ocean, Hobby, Innovative Marine, Interpet and Juwel!
  • Aqua Medic - Qube 30 Plant (30Watts)
    LED spot for lighting freshwater aquariums
  • Juwel - HeliaLux Spectrum (700mm)
    The HeliaLux Spectrum is a high-performance LED light unit for your JUWEL aquarium. State-of-the-art, specially developed SMD LEDs with maximum performance have been used to ensure optimum plant growth, render brilliant colours and promote the vitality of your underwater world.

    The HeliaLux Spectrum is a high-performance LED light unit with a full spectrum. The state-of-the-art, specially developed SMD LEDs guarantee maximum light yield for optimum plant growth while simultaneously realising energy savings of around 50%. White LEDs illuminate your aquarium brilliantly, while red, blue and green LEDs create intense colours and maximum contrast in your underwater world. The perfectly coordinated colour range promotes the vitality of your fish and ensures optimum plant growth.
    There are no limits to the design or control when LEDs are used in conjunction with the HeliaLux SmartControl.
  • Juwel Helialux Day+Night Controller
    A light controller for the Juwel HeliaLux LED lighting units.
  • Juwel Helialux LED 1000 (45W)
    Suitable for Rio 180 & Trigon 350 (front light). Length of 1000 mm
  • Juwel Helialux LED 550 (24W)
    Suitable for Trigon 350 (back light) Length of 550 mm
  • Juwel Helialux LED 700 (28W)
    Suitable for Trigon 190 & Lido 200. Length of 700 mm
  • Juwel Helialux LED 800 (28W)
    Suitable for Rio 125. Length of 800 mm
  • Juwel High-Lite light unit 70 cm - 2 x 28 Watt
    High-Lite T5 Lighting Units

    Brilliant luminosity, easy to use, successful plant and coral growth: all the benefits of the modern High Lite T5 light units from JUWEL.

    Available In:
    55cm - AED - 400
    60cm - AED - 400
    70cm - AED - 410
    80cm - AED - 410
    92cm - AED - 450
    100cm - AED - 450
    120cm - AED - 490
    150cm - AED - 615
  • Juwel NovoLux LED 40 - Red
    Enhances red color in the aquarium.

    Efficient energy saving and waterproof lighting for aquariums. Supplied with suction cup , so it can be used as additional lighting for any aquariums.
  • Theiling - Sunmover  3-fold LED - 162W (95cm)
    A complete light fixture, composed of 3 Rail strips.
  • Theiling - Sunmover 3x115cm (216W)
    The Sunmover is a complete light that is composed of several "rails". The individual rails are individually pivotable, so that the light can be directed as needed -. B. away from the windshield, to reduce the algae growth. Air can circulate freely between the individual rails. This ensures optimal cooling and thus a long life of the LED. Sunmover can be made with 3 or 5 lightbars.
    LED chips and color combinations are identical to the rail. The lights are dimmable with any PWM control.
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