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Padovan - Herbal Treats Erba Medica (270g)

<B>Padovan - Herbal Treats Erba Medica</B> (270g)
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Product no.: 102-396-014
A supplementary food for all herbivorous rodents, Tortoises and Iguanas.

Ingredients: Lucerne (Alfalfa) and Dried Carrots

Suitable for:
- Chinchillas
- Rabbits
- Guinea Pigs
- Gerbils
- Degu
- Tortoises
- Iguanas
Padovan - Herbal Treats Erba Medica
Alfalfa hay is a fantastic addition to your rodent's diet.
Padovan herbal treat comes with the added advantage of containing dried carrots, rich in vitamin A, and a great way to give your pet a treat.

Alfalfa is high in protein and calcium, and as such should only be fed in moderation - 1-2 times a week.
Nursing mothers should be offered more regularily as their calcium and energy needs will be greater.

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