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  • <B>Pawise - Butterfly Cat Toy</B>
    This Pawise Butterfly Cat Toy is produced from high quality raw materials and have a high durable structure. This product is of CE assurance and quality, which is 100% harmless to animal health because it does not make chemical oscillation. Your cat will surely enjoy playing with this toy for hours as it is also stuffed with catnip inside.
  • Pawise - Feathered Mice Cat Toy (1pc)
    If there's something that most cats can't resist that is catnip. This Pawise Feathered Mice Cat Toy is stuffed with catnip and will surely awaken your cat's interest. This catnip toy will encourage your cat to do physical activity which will make it more vital to their health and will help them avoid obesity. These toys are designed especially for the fun of cats, helps them release stress and exercise. It is an ideal gift for kittens, as they are soft and have feathers with which they will have a great time.
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