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Perch & Ladder

  • <B>Zoo Max - Block Perch 14</B>
    Large perch for medium to large parrots. Width 35cm. This toy is excellent for medium to large parrots, like greys, ringnecks and conures
  • <B>Zoo Max - Block Perch for Small Parrots</B>
    Wooden perch for small parrots. Width 25cm. This toy is excellent for smaller parakeets, conures and cockatiels
  • <B>Zoo Max - Single Cube</B>
    A really BIG bird toy - require a LARGE cage or to be mounted in the sealing. Ideal for medium to large parrots. Box frame is 25x25cm.
  • <B>Parrot Toy - Colourful Swing with Wood Beads</B>
    Cotton rope based swing with lots of wood beads to keep your bird occupied.

    Suitable for small to medium parrots, like parrotlet, conures, cockatiel and lovebirds.
  • <B>Trixie - XL Grape Vine sand-blasted</B> (55-80)
    Trixie sand blasted grape vine made of 100 % renewable resources. All natural ideal for birds, small animals, fish and reptiles.
    Image shown for display purpose as Vines will vary in shape and size.

    Comes in:
    30-40cm - AED 40
    40–60cm - AED 65
    55-80cm - AED 80
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