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Pet Remedy Calming Spray - Travel Size (15ml)

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Product no.: 100-007-015
Is your animal suffering from stress and anxiety? Try this Pet Remedy Mini Calming Spray which contains Valerian essential oil blended with Vetiver, Sweet Basil and Sage to calm your furry friend without the need for sedation.
Ideal for calming and relaxing all pets including cats, dogs, rodents,horses, small mammals and birds.

This effective Pet Remedy spray works alongside the brains natural messengers called neuro-transmitters, which work by telling the nerve receiving the message either to calm or get fired up.
In times of stress or anxiety the nerves can get over stimulated, which leads on to the many symptoms we see in our poor stressed animals.

Ingredients: Valerian, Vetivert, Basil, Sage and in water

Signs of stress include:
- Behaviour change (Timid, Extra alert etc.)
- Spraying/soiling (outside litterbox, indoor for dogs etc.)
- Over grooming (paw licking, coat licking)
- Lack of interaction (With other pets and people)
- Loss of appetite & weights loss.
- Scratching (furniture, carpets, trees, plants)
- Aggression (towards other animals and people)
Pet Remedy Calming Spray - Travel Size
Use sparingly and do not spray near your animals mouth, nose and eyes.
Use in conjunction with Pet Remedy plug-in diffuser for best results

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