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Pet Stages

  • <B>Petstages - Feather Fish</B>
    Bring out your cats wild instincts with this lightweight fiery Feather Fish cat toy from Petstages. This cat toy has a metallic streamer tail and contains catnip inside. It's perfect for their playtime, your cat will surely enjoy batting, swatting, pouncing and stalking.
  • Pet Stages - Dental Shrimpies Multicolor (2pcs)
    Help give your pretty kitty a smile that matches with the Petstages Dental Shrimpies Catnip Cat Toy. As your feline friend chews on each toy its mesh material works to floss and clean her teeth and gums to reveal a healthier looking set of pearly whites! Each of the Shrimpies in this two-pack contains irresistible catnip to keep your girl engaged as she chews her way to a cleaner mouth.
  • Pet Stages - Kitty Roll Kicker Track (Brown)
    The Kitty Roll Kicker Track Cat Toy from Petstages is a purr-fect playmate that’ll never bore your cat. The kicker is great for your active cat who likes to hug, kick and wrestle her toys. An added ball track filled with alluring catnip makes the toy even more irresistible to your feline friend.
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