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Pet Stages

  • <B>Petstages - Butterfly Chase</B> (17.5")
    Your cats urge to hunt, stalk, swat or pounce will be satisfied with this Butterfly Chase Cat toy from Petstages. This toy is ideal for interactive fun. It will let you and your cat engage in a very entertaining activity.
  • <B>Petstages - Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel</B>
    The Petstages Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel Toy could be your cats dental toy, it will give them the opportunity to crunch, chew and clean their teeth while they play. The net will serve as their floss while they chew, removing soft tartars away and enhances your felines dental health.
  • <B>Petstages - Corrugate Feather Fish</B>
    This splendid and lovely pink Feather Fish has a corrugated paper in its body which helps keep up your kitty's nail health while they play.

    It's ideal for rubbing, nuzzling and grooming with its soft plush body. This Scratch toy will help your cat scratch, mark its territory, exercise and flex their feet and claws while keeping their nails healthy by removing the dead outer layer.
  • <B>Petstages - Crinkle Berries</B> (3pcs)
    Give your cat hours of engaging play with the Petstages Crinkle Berries cat toy. These red berries has a whimsical faces made of durable plastic that makes a crinkling sound when pawed. It surely will keep your cat entertained.
  • <B>Petstages - Glow Snail</B>
    This glow in the dark fun cat toy engages with your felines inborn impulses to chase, swat and pounce. Its a quiet toy which is very ideal for nighttime play.
  • <B>Petstages - Hide & Seek Wobble Pond</B>
    Petstages Wobble Pond is a cat scratcher designed with features that work to engage and entertain your cat through natural behaviors like hunting, swatting, batting and scratching! This cat scratch toy is also Catnip Blasted for even more excitement.
  • <B>Petstages - Mini Loop Ball</B>
    Mini Loop Ball is proportionately sized for the small sized dog to reduce boredom and destructive behavior. Mini ball has easy grasp loops to accommodate the smallest dogs.
  • <B>Petstages - Tons Of Tails</B>
    The Tons of Tails toy from Petstages is ideal for felines that loves to bite and chew. It is loaded with catnip on the inside and streamers on the outside for additional fun. This toy will drive your kitty totally nuts.
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