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  • PetGeek - Automatic Rolling Treat Ball (380ml)
    PetGeek Foodie Rorb is an automatic rolling treat ball. Made of safe materials, the Foodie Rorb combines treats dispensing and auto rolling function, thus encourging more physical exercises and IQ training during dog’s mealtime.
  • PetGeek - Hiding Mouse
    This moving cat toy is equipped with a super realistic mouse filled with catnip which could also make realistic mouse sounds after the plastic cord being removed. It will engage and entertain your cat while satisfying the natural hunting instincts.
  • PetGeek - Joyful Laser Tumbler
    Real feather and elastic ball are available to bring your cat a lot of fun.
  • PetGeek - Running Smart Motion Activated
    Running Smart – keep Alert, ready to hunt
  • PetGeek - Wonder Pod
    Wonder Pod is an automatic interative cat toy. The replaceable feathers can spin erratically with the mouse sound to attract cat’s attention amd encourage healthy activity through play. Keep it vertical or get it rolling to offer more fun for you cat.
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